Tuesday, 31 December 2013


My last night out with the girls before the new year. I chose to go for a sheer look, with a long sleeved sheer top from Zara along with lantern and mesh skirt from AQ/AQ. With my hair in a pony tail, statement earrings were ideal to add a bit of glam and character to the look. I kept the look pretty simple, I didn't want to over accessorise and have too much going on and I think the combination of accessorise worked well with the outfit. Its a great outfit choice for NYE for those heading out.

The pictures were taken off my iPhone so sorry the quality isn't too great. I will most likely recreate another look wearing these garments which I will photograph with a better camera so they can be shown in its full glory but this is it for now. This will be my last post for the year so I wish you all a happy new year and I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring. I plan to do more and share more with you guys so watch out for that and whatever you get up to, make sure you stay safe.x

Top- Zara
Skirt- AQ/AQ
Shoes- ASOS
Bag- Vintage


Monday, 30 December 2013


Kensington High Street with camera flash
Kensington High Street with camera flash
Kensington High Street without camera flash

I will be rocking kensington high street gel effect from Nails Inc. into the new year. I have to say the gel effect nail varnish from Nails Inc is one of my favourite. I just love the thick texture, glossy look and easy application and not to mention the fact that its long lasting. I have already worn this colour this a/w season but I love it that much that I am rocking them again weeks later. With its glossy finish you almost don't need a top coat and could do without it but with all nail polishes a top coat is a must and an essential part of the application process so I always make sure to use mine even when I'm tempted not to. I might be tempted to wear these for another week longer but we'll see, knowing me I will probably be tempted to change the colour by the end of the week. 


Saturday, 28 December 2013

MAC Heroine is Back for Good

Photo courtesy: (Marie Claire Twitter)
Everyone's favourite and most sought after MAC lipstick is back and this time for good! In case you missed this news, Heroine will soon be part of the permanent range of MAC lipsticks. There's no need to worry about stocking up on these or waiting until the next coveted MAC collection release. You can soon if not now buy it in your own time, no more rushing to the tills for this lipstick.

 If you live in America then you can count yourself lucky because you can pop online to the MAC store and get yourself a tube. The rest of the world will have to wait until the international relaunch which won't be until March 2014 unfortunately. Luckily I already have a tube from the Fashion Sets collection earlier this year so I won't be rushing to buy another one but it is a nice feeling knowing that I won't have to worry about a new replacement when my current tube eventually runs out.

Wearing Heroine lipstick along with the lip liner
A quick snap of me wearing Heroine lipstick along with the lip liner that I purchased earlier from the Fashion Sets collection this year. Although it's a matte finish it looks more amplified if anything and the camera flash further enhance that making it look more glossy in the picture than it actually is in reality.


Friday, 27 December 2013

Nail Paint Of The Week: Christmas Edition

Riri Woo Nail Varnish
Riri Woo Nail Varnish

Disco Dolls (left) Riri Woo (right)

It nearly slipped my mind to update my nail paint of the week posts so before I change the colour of my nails, here is the nail varnish colour I was rocking the days leading to christmas. Red is an obvious colour to go for during the christmas period and given that I had recently gotten Riri Woo nail varnish from the Riri hearts MAC Holiday collection, it was my first choice of red nail varnish to go for. This is what I had on this week and what I will have on for a few more hours before I change them to match my lipstick colour for a night out with my girls tomorrow. Yes I like to match my nails to my lipstick sometimes, even if it's just for one outfit, there's some kind of pleasure I get out of doing that.

I did cheat a bit this week, I didn't have the energy (you can call it laziness) to do anything creative so I kept the glittery disco dolls nail varnish on my ring finger and simply changed what was blue nail varnish from the previous week to red and I ended up with this week nail paint!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bad Girl Riri

For those of you that may be wandering what Bad Girl Riri looks like on, this post is for you. I have to say from the promotional pictures I thought it would be more of a nude colour but having tried it on, I would say it looks like its a pink based lipstick. Although it is a matte finish its feels creamy and smooth on the lips. If anything I would say that it is close to a satin finish more so than matte . 

As much as I loved Rihanna's collaboration with MAC, I am a tad relieved its now all over, no more of that anxious feeling, wandering if I was going to be able to get what I wanted. I loved all the lipsticks exception of 'who's that chick' and my favourite being Heaux, which I have heard will soon be a part of the normal MAC lipstick range from March 2014, I don't know how true that statement is but we will have to wait and see, fingers crossed its true!


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Riri ♥'s MAC Holiday Collection

Pleasure Bomb Lipstick

Bad Gal Riri Lipstick

Riri Woo Nail Varnish

This is all I got from the 'Riri Hearts MAC Holiday' collection. I've tried on pleasure bomb and I love it, I'm yet to try on Bad Gal Riri and when I do I will be sharing my verdict on that. I also can't wait to try on the Riri Woo nail varnish being a nail varnish addict that I am, I've heard some good things about that so I'm hoping that lives to my expectations.


Friday, 13 December 2013


Blue My Mind (left), Disco Dolls (Right)
This week, I chose a metallic shade 'blue my mind' by OPI along with 'disco dolls' from Nicole by OPI and I have had these on for less than a week and for some reason I'm bored with them. I can see myself changing the colour up soon. The minute I get my Riri Woo nail varnish, these are coming off so don't be surprised if you see another nail paint of the week before the week comes to an end!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Pleasure Bomb

Pleasure Bomb
Pleasure Bomb with no flash 
Pleasure Bomb with flash
Pleasure bomb (left), Heaux (right)
I was eagerly anticipating the release of the final instalment from Rihanna's collaboration with MAC, the RiRi hearts MAC Holiday collection and it is now finally available in stores. For me, the main standout from the collection was the Pleasure Bomb lipstick followed by the Bad Gal RiRi lipstick so there's no guessing what I ended getting from the collection.

My Pleasure Bomb came through in the post today so I thought I'd snap a few photos and share it with you guys. Upon opening it, I thought it looked like a more vibrant shade of Heaux so I swatched both lipsticks on my wrist to see the comparison and you can see the similarity or lack of in the photo above. Pleasure Bomb has more of a pink undertone whilst Heaux has a red undertone. 

I have to say Pleasure Bomb has a far more creamy texture to it than the average matte lipstick and it is long lasting on the lips.


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Let's clear this clutch.

Clear Clutch

Nail Art Pens and OPI matte top coat
After much anticipation and waiting around, I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of a clear clutch :). It has been on my wish list for quite some time now and at long last I have one. I came across it on eBay for £10 inclusive of postage and packaging and I had to have it. It came all the way from China so I had to wait for about three weeks after ordering it to be able to hold it in my hands and it was well worth the wait. I couldn't be happier with it, It's everything I expected it to be and I cannot wait to feature it in my future style looks, so can watch out for that.

I also recently got an OPI matte top coat (from amazon) that I am yet to use and these nail art pens from light in the box, one of which I featured in my nail paint of the week posts. I've been pretty good off late to not spend unnecessarily so these are pretty much the latest goodies that I have gotten myself the past few weeks. I think thats it for now until something new catches my eyes that is!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Autumn/Winter MAC Lipstick favourites

Captive with a dash of RiRi Boy


 RiRi Woo
Wearing Talk That Talk

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a video on my youtube channel Kui's Tips sharing my favourite lipsticks for the a/w season and well its only fair that I did a blog post on it so here it is!

♥My Top 5 Autumn/Fall MAC lipstick favourites♥
1. Captive 
2. Heaux
3. RiRi Woo
4. Talk That Talk
5. Rebel


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nail Paint of the Week- creating dots with a nail art pen

I've been trying to get a little bit more creative with my nails off late so for the past week I dragged out this nail art pen that I recently bought from the light in the box. It was my first time using it and I have to say that I was really pleased with the end results. With this being my second attempt using a nail art pen, I wanted to keep the design simple whilst I get the hang of using the pen. Hopefully as time goes on I might try some more complex intricate designs but for now, I am happy to keep things simple.

To get started I first applied my base coat before then applying about three layers of 'lady in black" from OPI on all fingers. I then used the fine brush end of the nail art pen to create tiny dots on every other nail before allowing it to dry and then finishing it off with a top coat application. All in all I spent about 5-10 minutes doing my nails, that is excluding the time taken for it to dry. I think my next purchase will have to be a UV lamp because I can't keep waiting till late in the evening to do my nails because of the fear of the nail paint smudging.

Pen nib applicator

One of two of the application tips on the nail art pen. I had to squeeze quite hard to get the nail gel out the pen nib so I resorted to the other application tip to create the dots. You would  assume that this applicator type would have been easier to use but I personally didn't.

Fine brush applicator
I used the fine brush applicator end to create the dots because I found it to be the easiest option out of the two. The only downside to using this option was finding the gel polish getting a bit stringy so it was a bit tricky creating the dots without having them spread or connect to each other. That was the only issue  I came across when using the fine brush applicator so I recommend that you don't use this application end if you're in  a hurry because it requires a bit of patience and gentle hands.

Lady in black along with the nail art pen

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