Saturday, 31 August 2013

It's looking like a jumpsuit kinda day


Friday, 30 August 2013

Keeping it simple


Wednesday, 21 August 2013


When I decided to get away, I didn't think I would be away from home much longer than a week, so I didn't pack a good enough supply of nail varnish. I brought along just the one nail varnish with a base coat and top coat and well let's just say I am now reeling over my decision. 

Over the weekend, I popped out to the shops to see what I could find as a temporary solution and what did I end up getting?...The good ole Barry.  It's been over a year since I wore a barry m nail polish and I have really been wanting to try out their their 'gelly' polish. After all it might be of a better quality than the collection from the normal range right?.

Having now tried it I can say that I am pretty impressed with the results. It lasts a lot longer on my nails in comparison to their standard line of nail polishes. I also love the glossy finish as well and with an added top coat, the gloss lasts even longer. I think I will have to buy a few more colours from the telly collection at this rate. Given that sells for £3.99 which is only a young more than the nail paints from the standard collection, I won't be digging a massive hole in my pockets. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's all about the gel manicure

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I am supper excited that LED gel polish are now more affordable and available to not just the professionals but also to fellow individuals like myself. Although they are a bit more pricey than the usual nail varnish, you are likely to end up with a set of well manicured nails that will last you a good couple of weeks.

Ideally it's great for those periods of time when you don't have the time to change up your nail varnish. The only down side to buying one of these LED gel polish is that, you will need an LED lamp along with a gel polish remover. Once you've got these other essentials, you are good to go although it is a good idea to get hold of a pair of fingerless gloves like the ones below to protect your skin from the LED rays.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Rihanna for River Island autumn collection

(photo courtesy:

Rih Rih gave us a sneak peak of what's to come in the Rihanna for River Island Autumn collection and it looks set to include a variation of crop tops and strappy high heel sandals. The camouflage print features heavily in the collection with shades of maroon and yellow making an appearance too. I find some of the designs from the autumn collection similar to that of the summer collection with the only difference being different fabric prints and colours shades. Having said that I don't think I could ever get enough of those strappy high heels seen on Rihanna, I can just hear the camouflage heels screaming 'BUY ME". Peep another outfit from the autumn collection seen earlier on Rihanna.


How I wear my Heaux and Riri Boy

I am by no means a make up artist or expert but I do like to dabble and experiment with it from time to time and the one make up item that I absolutely love, is the good old lipstick. I just love it so when when MAC decided to do a collaboration with Rihanna, I was one of those individuals flocking to buy a tube or two. I managed to snag up all three lipsticks from the collection and this is how I wear them. I have still got a long way to go when it comes to learning the tricks of the make up game but one thing I do know how to do, is to wear lipsticks.

Wearing "heaux" 
I tend to wear "heaux" on its own like I am in the above photo but I do occasionally wear it with  vino lip liner from MAC to add a darker hue to the shade or cherry lip liner also from MAC to brighten it up  and also make the outline of my lips more defined. Peep "RiRi Boy below.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A snippet from the past

A quick snap of one of my outfits from my holiday in Ghana last year, taken just before heading out to a pre-wedding lunch. Bearing in mind it was ridiculously hot out there, I was crazy to have worn the hat but I quite liked it with my outfit. It wouldn't have the been the same without so I soldiered through the heat. The peplum tops were one of the popular trends from last year and this was one of the many ways I styled mine.

Hat- F&F 
Top- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Sandals- Zara

I'm currently away taking some time out for myself but I'm hoping to share more photos of my style with you when I get back. In the mean time this is just a snippet of what's to come. x 


The daggers are OUT!

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The dagger nails were every where last year and a popular choice for many when hitting the nail bars. They were favoured by many, including myself because of it femininity and also because of the fact that they help to elongate your fingers. They were made popular by the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga but in my humble opinion they have now run its course and are slowly taking a back seat. Like all things in fashion they go around in circles and now it is the turn of the square cut nails to make a comeback and take centre stage, as seen on Rihanna below.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

All Red Everything

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Red is the colour at the moment when it comes to lipsticks and nail varnish and the best thing about this shade is that it's versatile. Its a bold colour that adds a touch of class and elegance to any outfit. its an iconic colour that is sure to stay around for a very long time.  I am a big fan of MAC's Ruby Woo and I am one of those shameless individuals that flocked to purchase RiRi Woo despite already having Ruby Woo. Although they are very much the same in colour, they have different textures and they feel different on the lips. You will have to own both to understand where I'm coming from.

Is this the new 'it' bag?

(photo courtesy:
Could this be the new 'it" bag for autumn/winter '13/14? Well, Louis Vuitton's "W" handbag has been making the rounds on the celebrity circuit and it looks like it may very well be the new "it" bag. Actress Michelle Williams was recently unveiled as the latest brand ambassador fronting the latest LV campaign showcasing the "W" handbag.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

D'orsay makes a comeback

(photo courtesy: I love LV)

The classic d'orsay shoes (pro-nounced door-say) have made a comeback on this year's catwalk. It seems designers looked back to the 1920's for inspiration when it came to designing for their 2013 spring/summer  and autumn/winter shoe collection. They were featured on many of the catwalks during fashion week and the good thing about them is,  they come in different heel heights, high heels, mid heels and also in flats which is quite good really. It means there is something to suit the different heel preferences of shoppers. 

I quite like them all, the high-heels such as the ones from Oscar Tiye and Zara are perfect for trips to the bar with friends or equally for dinner dates. Whilst the mid heels and flats are more suited for every day wear. 

The designer's take on the classic d'orsay...

Monday, 5 August 2013

2013 Summer Shades

It is safe to say that orange and green have dominated this year's summer shades and rightly so. There has been an abundance of these two particular colours wherever you go. Many of the fashion houses whether designer or high street have incorporated an array of these colours into their spring/summer '13 collection so much so that it is near impossible to ignore or avoid and I for one I'm not complaining. I am loving it especially since green is my favourite colour out of the colour spectrum. These lovely bright bold shades really do bring to life an outfit and they are such fun colours to play around with.

Victoria Beckham alongside many of the other designers such as Versace drew heavily on orange throughout their collection. It was the dominant colour in her 2013 spring/summer collection.

(photo  courtesy:

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Changing things up

(photo courtesy : Election Academy)

Now that university is out of the way, I have taken it upon myself to really dedicate more of my time to this blog and to also broaden my coverage to include topics relating to fashion. It is time for me to cast away my fears and really throw myself into something that I am really passionate about, that being fashion. I am hoping to better my knowledge when it comes to all things fashion related and to share that with you and anyone out there. I will also be sharing my intake on the latest trends and also my very own personal style which I like to call the stylish Mary Jane. I'm excited about what's to come ahead because a change can only be a good thing right?
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