Wednesday, 21 August 2013


When I decided to get away, I didn't think I would be away from home much longer than a week, so I didn't pack a good enough supply of nail varnish. I brought along just the one nail varnish with a base coat and top coat and well let's just say I am now reeling over my decision. 

Over the weekend, I popped out to the shops to see what I could find as a temporary solution and what did I end up getting?...The good ole Barry.  It's been over a year since I wore a barry m nail polish and I have really been wanting to try out their their 'gelly' polish. After all it might be of a better quality than the collection from the normal range right?.

Having now tried it I can say that I am pretty impressed with the results. It lasts a lot longer on my nails in comparison to their standard line of nail polishes. I also love the glossy finish as well and with an added top coat, the gloss lasts even longer. I think I will have to buy a few more colours from the telly collection at this rate. Given that sells for £3.99 which is only a young more than the nail paints from the standard collection, I won't be digging a massive hole in my pockets. 

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