Monday, 16 September 2013


I love lipsticks and more importantly I love the matte look so when MAC released their retro matte collection, it was inevitable that I would get myself something from the collection. I tried a few of the lipsticks from the collection, 'all fired up', 'relentlessly red', 'fixed on drama' and 'flat out fabulous' and well lets just say I was immediately sold on flat out fabulous the minute I tried it on so thats what I ended up getting. The others didn't stand out too much for me so I didn't get them. I did buy 'flat out fabulous' along with 'more to love' pro longwear lip pencil also from the retro matte collection which I am wearing together in the pictures. Flat out fabulous stood out for me because of it's bright bold shade and I'm absolutely in love with it at the moment.

Flat out fabulous retro matte lipstick and more to love pro longwear lip liner


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