Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Going Native

Anyone who has ever had an outfit made in Ghana will know that having an outfit tailor made is not always a smooth process as it should be. Ideally you should have your design specifications fulfilled by the tailor but that is generally not the case. The tailor will often end up modifying your design to suit what they think it should look like and that can be  annoying and frustrating. You have to stand your ground and be firm with your design specifications and not let them sway you otherwise because after all you are paying them for a service and not so much their opinions. Luckily for me, on this occasion I got close enough to what I wanted after the second fitting which was a relief because I was flying back to London the next day. I had several outfits made which I will most likely share with yo at a later date but for now this is it.  :)

Outfit- Tailor made
Heels- Bershka
Jewellery- Topshop


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