Friday, 6 September 2013


During the course of last week, I suffered what I call a nail casualty hence my now short nails. For those of you that may not know, I refer to anything that takes away from the length of my nails as a nail casualty. With that being said last week I somehow managed to break part of my middle left finger off which meant I had to make the wise but not so favoured decision of cutting and filing down my other nails to match my middle finger. 

I go to great lengths to maintain the length of my nails so it's always a pain when something like this happens but it is always best to let it go and start all over again. These accidents are unavoidable and plus my nails will always grow back! There is no point in holding onto the other longer nails and having the one finger nail short, that is just not a good look in my eyes! It is always more presentable to have them all the same length whether that be long or short. 

Okay, so for this week, I decided to go for the good old classic shade of red no.1 by YSL, pairing it with Rainbow in the S-kylie from the Kardashian collection with OPI. As always I make sure to condition my hands first with lotion before applying one layer of a base coat nail varnish and then applying three layers of the chosen nail varnish before finishing it off with two layers of a top coat. This method helps to maintain the glossy appearance of the nails for the duration of the week and this way,  you are less likely to see any chips or cracks in your nails by the end of the week.


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