Saturday, 28 September 2013


I finally went to the shops to buy myself a nail art pen as well as ordering a few online which I cannot wait to get my hands on. In the mean time I couldn't wait to try out the models own nail art pen that  bought whilst I wait on my online order. It has two application ends, one a thin brush for making stripes  and the other a pen nib for making dots and precise lines. Before attempting to make any design with them I tested it my using the pen nib application first and I know it says on the packaging to place the lid firmly after use but silly old me and didn't do that so now no amount of liquid will pass through the nib, its such a bummer really. I am now stuck with just thin brush applicator option to make my designs. This is my first time actually using any art pen so my designs are a bit rusty at the moment but I will be hoping to get better at them as time goes on because like they say 'practice makes perfect'. Peep the nail art pen and nail varnish used below.

For this week, I went for Rose Romantique by YSL using my models own nail art pen in white to add a bit of character to my nails.


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