Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nautical Colours


Friday, 18 October 2013

More Black than White


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

RiRi hearts MAC Fall Give Away: FREE Talk that Talk Lipstick

I am feeling very generous at the moment and as such I've decided to do a give away, my very first give away that is! I have two tubes of talk that talk lipstick from the RiRi hearts MAC fall collection that I want to give away to TWO lucky individuals. However to get your hand on a tube of the talk that talk lipstick, you must do the following:

1. Follow me on my blog using Google Friend Connect (located at the bottom of my blog page)

2. Follow me on instagram @kuitips

3. Email me at to say you have done the above and to also have your name shortlisted to win a tube of the talk that talk lipstick!

4. One entry per person.


It is open to anyone anywhere, providing you have a valid postal address so I can be sure to send you your lipstick. 

I will personally be checking my lovelies that you are following on both platforms. 

The competition starts today and I will announce the two winners on Monday 11th November.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


This week I decided to go for a bright shade and and I picked up my OPI bottle of nail varnish that my good friend got me for Christmas. It was first time using it and also my first time wearing white nail varnish. I honestly don't what took me so long to use it but I am loving it right now that is until the week comes to an end and I get bored and change up my colour. 

Despite using a top coat I find that cracks are already beginning to form in my nails which is a bit annoying considering I only did my them on Saturday and it is now Tuesday. It hasn't been that long for cracks to start forming but then again this is probably another case of I should applied three coats of the nail varnish instead of the two like I did. This is what happens when you decide to be lazy. I will do better next time. 

RiRi ♥'s MAC: Nude Lipstick

I finally got round to snapping a photo of me wearing the nude lipstick from the RiRi hearts MAC fall collection and this is it! I only got the nude and talk that talk lipstick from the fall collection and I have to say that the texture of the nude lipstick feels closer to a satin finish more so than matte.  It is also not rough on the lips at all, allowing for a smooth application. I used stripped down lip liner along with a light pink lip liner from Ysl before applying the nude lipstick and this was the outcome. I don't have a lot of nude lipsticks so this was a nice addition to my lipstick collection which features a lot of red and pink shades. Peep below for pics!

Friday, 11 October 2013


I recently bought St James (the red shade) and Kensingston High Street (the burgundy shade) from the Nails Inc. gel effect collection so for this week I thought I would try out Kensingston High Street to see what it's like. I really wanted to try the gel polish to see what all the fuss was over it and although I was not completely blown away by it, I also was not entirely disappointed.

 As always I applied by base coat first before applying three coats of the nail polish. However in this case because it's from the gel effect collection, I felt the mixture was a bit thicker so I only applied two coats of it and now looking back I should probably have stuck with my usual three coats application. Having said that, after two coats my nails were glistening so much so that I could have forgone the top coat application but I know my nails are never quite complete unless it has the touch of at least one top coat application which will add more shine to my nails as well as allowing them to endure the everyday wrath of life. 

Peep below to see my nails right after application and what they look like a week later, the results were unexpected!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Talk that Talk & Nude lipstick Video Review

A very quick video review of the talk that talk and nude lipsticks from the riri hearts MAC fall collection. They were the only items along with the talk that talk lip pencil that I got from the fall collection along with a few extra tubes of talk that talk lipstick. I will be giving away two talk that talk lipstick to two lucky individuals so look out for details on that competition/give away which will be coming up very soon.


Talk That Talk

Like most people out there I was really just looking forward to the talk that talk lipstick from the RiRi hearts MAC fall collection so I was more than glad that I managed to get my hands on it as well as the nude lipstick. My initial thought on the talk that talk lipstick was that it wasn't as dark as it looked in the campaign images and it is also very similar 'diva' also from MAC. 

However using the talk that talk lip liner allows for a darker application and that's what I'm wearing in my pictures, talk that talk lipstick along with the talk that talk lip liner. Although I quite like the talk that talk lipstick, I'm not so sure on the lip liner as its application seems a bit inconsistent leaving bits of my lips darker than the others. It's one of those that I will have to work with it some more in order to get the desired look that I want. 

Having said that vino lip liner works really well with the talk that talk lipstick. Its an excellent match if anything so I would definitely recommend using that with the talk that lipstick. Peep more pictures below.
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