Friday, 11 October 2013


I recently bought St James (the red shade) and Kensingston High Street (the burgundy shade) from the Nails Inc. gel effect collection so for this week I thought I would try out Kensingston High Street to see what it's like. I really wanted to try the gel polish to see what all the fuss was over it and although I was not completely blown away by it, I also was not entirely disappointed.

 As always I applied by base coat first before applying three coats of the nail polish. However in this case because it's from the gel effect collection, I felt the mixture was a bit thicker so I only applied two coats of it and now looking back I should probably have stuck with my usual three coats application. Having said that, after two coats my nails were glistening so much so that I could have forgone the top coat application but I know my nails are never quite complete unless it has the touch of at least one top coat application which will add more shine to my nails as well as allowing them to endure the everyday wrath of life. 

Peep below to see my nails right after application and what they look like a week later, the results were unexpected!

My nails right after application
My nails 7 days later
Apart from my nails shifting down south because they have grown, the nail varnish didn't chip much and at this rate I could wear these for a few more days before changing up my colour but because I'm already bored after having this colour for a whole week, I will most likely change it up over the weekend to something new.


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