Tuesday, 15 October 2013

RiRi ♥'s MAC: Nude Lipstick

I finally got round to snapping a photo of me wearing the nude lipstick from the RiRi hearts MAC fall collection and this is it! I only got the nude and talk that talk lipstick from the fall collection and I have to say that the texture of the nude lipstick feels closer to a satin finish more so than matte.  It is also not rough on the lips at all, allowing for a smooth application. I used stripped down lip liner along with a light pink lip liner from Ysl before applying the nude lipstick and this was the outcome. I don't have a lot of nude lipsticks so this was a nice addition to my lipstick collection which features a lot of red and pink shades. Peep below for pics!

I thought I would snap a pic of the lipstick to share with you; no flash just the natural sunlight.

All I got from the RiRi hearts MAC fall collection!


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