Saturday, 11 January 2014

DIY Snaps

It's been raining a lot in London for the past few weeks and the rain makes a hat even more handy, not only will it serve the purpose keeping my hair dry but it also completes an outfit look. I had wanted this kitty ears hat from the first time I saw it on the Zara website but when I finally did pop in store and tried it on, I wasn't too keen on it so I ended up not getting it. Which was obviously a huge mistake because when I did change my mind over it, it was sold out in store and online and in all the other stores selling it. I nearly gave up on ever getting my hands on it, that was until I came across it on ebay for a fraction of the price it was being sold in stores, so off course I had to get my hands on it and taa daa, here I am wearing it! 

Whenever I'm having a lazy day, I just throw on some skinny jeans and baggy jumper as you can see above in the picture and that's me pretty much done. It's definitely not my most stylish look that's for sure!

Hat- eBay
Jumper- Thomas Nash  (Brother's old jumper)
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Zara


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