Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How To Style Colourful Brights

A look at a few ways to style a colourful coat. A bright coloured coat will nearly always be the standout piece of an outfit so it is essential that you pair it with colours that compliment the shade and won't be competing for attention with the coat. Take for instance this bright yellow mustard coat from Cedric Charlier, I have used to illustrated the few ways in which you could create a look with a bright coloured coat.

Style look 1

For look one, I have chosen dark yet complimentary colours to go with the coat and it is a well known fact that purple and yellow go well together given that they are in fact complimentary colours. Which means they will generally always look good next to each other. Having dark toned clothing allows the yellow coat to standout and choosing colours that compliment the coat is a plus.

Style look 2

For look two, the coat is not the standout piece as the bright blue trousers commands equal attention as the coat. Its a perfect combination of colours to wear during the spring season when its getting warmer but its not warm enough to ditch the coat. As it happen orange and blue are also complimentary colours allowing the orange shoes to sit well with the blue trousers harmoniously. 

Style look 3
The coat is once again the standout piece with look 3 and there are two colours that will always compliment a bright coloured garment and that is white and black. If ever in doubt on what to match a bright coloured item you can play it safe with either of these colours and it will always work well. I geared more towards black for look 3 with a hint of other colours to create a nice burst of colours.


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