Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Need Want Now: Zara Mini City Bag

Photo courtesy: (bbn2ushop.com)

A look at what I am currently lusting over and right now at this very moment, I am in love with Zara's mini city hand bag. I already have the mini office city hand bag as seen in my "What I Wore To My Birthday Dinner" post but their latest 2014 mini city hand bag is to die for. They currently have it in two different colours (Navy and Nude) in stores.

I came across the red version I fell in love, I am utterly and completely in love with it so much so that I go to bed dreaming about it and how I would style it. Unfortunately I can't get my hands on it yet as  the red version is not yet available in the UK so I am wishing and hoping that it does eventually enter the Zara shops in the UK so I can get my hands on it.

It is a luxury looking handbag without the hefty price tag which is something we all women want in a non-expensive handbag. I just love, love the gold detailing which makes it more desirable in my eyes. It's currently at the top of my wish list that's for sure. There's no guessing what my next purchase will be!
Mini City bag in Navy                            Photo courtesy: (zara.com)

Mini City bag in Nude                  Photo Courtesy: (zara.com)

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