Monday, 28 April 2014

The Front Split Skirt

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring Summer Collections From Nails Inc.

Picnic Perfect Collection

Blossom Collection

Glow On Collection
Once again, Nails Inc. have their random surprise collections selling for £20 for today only so if you haven't bought yours yet, I suggest you pop over to their website and get yours. It's such a bargain that you really cannot fault it. This time round, there's three different collections to choose from, the picnic perfect collection, the blossom collection and finally the glow on collection.


For this week's NPOTW, I went for another one of the nail varnishes from the soft focus collection from Nails Inc, Little George Street. Its such a lovely shade to add a bit of colour to your outfit and I am loving it and since its near enough the same shade as Dreamer from Revlon it is up there as one of my  all time favourite nail varnish shades.

Shopping In Whistles...French 65 & Croc Clutch

French 65 Stiletto

Medium Shiny Croc Clutch

I just felt to share my most recent purchases from whistles. My first buy was the French 65. I had been eyeing them for quite some time now and I am overly excited to have a pair in my possession. It comes in an array of colours and in patent leather finish. 

I went for them in black given that its my first French 65 and in the suede material because for some reason when it comes to shoes, I tend to have the tendency to go for the suede leather over the natural or patent leather when given the option.

My second and final purchase was the medium shiny croc clutch. I fell in love with the black medium clutch when I first got it so naturally it felt right to get it in the white. I also don't have a vast collection of clutches so this will be the first white clutch I will be adding to a handful of black purses.


Spot The Difference

Can you guess which finger is Dreamer by Revlon or Little George Street by nails inc? 
Well I can help you out with that...If you are too impatient to read the following text, just have a sneak peek at the caption on the picture below).

Its amazing how identical these colours. You could be mistaken for thinking both fingernails were painted using the same bottle of nail varnish but I can assure you, that was not the case.
 One nail was painted using Dreamer and the other using Little George Street. The only difference between these two nail varnishes is the nail varnish mixture. Nails inc has a much thicker solution thus requiring less applications to achieve the desired colour shade and it drys faster than the Revlon.

Dreamer (right) and Little George Street (left)


ALDO & Ostwald Helgason Collaboration

The Lyndi pump in blue/green

The Ingvar sandal in orange
The Zowie shoe in Black

The Bowie rucksack in white

The colton cross body in blue


The following and above is the result of Aldo and Ostwald Helgason coming together to release a shoe and bag range for the spring summer which is currently available to buy on the Aldo website and in stores. Each piece features the bold prints and colours Ostwald Helgason is known for and is likely to be the standout piece in your outfit. Does it tickle your fancy?


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Rocking My Houndstooth Print Trousers

There are a few prints that are bound to be popular this spring/summer season, one being the gingham print and the other, the houndstooth print. Its not like the houndstooth was ever out of fashion but had taken a back seat for quite some time and not its well and truly taking a front row seat and likely to be featured in a lot of this year's spring/summer season.  Here I am rocking my own version in a simple put together outfit making it the stand out piece in my look above.

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Nail Miracle: Split Repair

Now this right here, may very well mean the end of nail casualties for me. It was given to me by my good ole friend following her holiday to Tokyo. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I first laid eyes on it, was it really possible that such a thing existed in this life. A split nail repair. I cannot wait to see the wonders this beauty will do for me.

I am so excited to try it out that I almost want a nail to chip or break so I can try it. If you are out there reading this Reets, "muchas gracias amiga" you are God sent. Hopefully but not too soon, I will post a review up once the unfortunate does happen so you can look forward that sometime in the future. Taking care of my nails just got that little bit easier I think.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Need Want Now: Welchpool shoes...

I am sure that you will join me in lusting over these elegant babies from Aldo. They scream sophistication in every way and perfect choice for the summer and like most things, I must have it right now. There's also a black version and although I love them both I do have a slight preference for the nude version. Its currently available in stores and on the Aldo website for £70.

Now I think this might very well be my next bag purchase. The perorated mini shopper from Zara has summer written all over it and will be ideal for trips to the park or beach. I am loving the perforated look and there is a detachable zipped clutch sitting inside the bag that you can remove and use as you wish. Its retailing at £29.99 and is currently in stores on the website if you wish to buy one.

The mules are back and they will be a hot favourite this summer if the catwalks is anything to go by. There's quite a few designs out there but this particular one from Aldo is definitely doing all sorts to me.If you are out looking for a slip on shoe then this is the way to go in my eyes. You can buy them in stores or off the the Aldo website for £80.

Images courtesy of and  Aldo

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

All Eyes On Me

I remember first seeing this Zara eye print dress on their website and thinking how very unique and different only to realise moments later that it was in fact a copycat version of an earlier Kenzo collection. Thats not to say, I still didn't want it in my possession and given that it didn't come with an extortionate price tag, I was easily departed with my money. 

The dress is very much a spring collectable, the colour and style scream spring all over. I love the eye print all over the dress, it kind of adds a subtle touch of quirkiness to the look and I suppose that is why I was drawn to it. It will definitely be a favourite piece for me this spring. You can count on seeing me in this a few times as I believe in getting my money's worth.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


It didn't take me long to get back to the spring colour palette as you can see from my choice of nail paint this week. I went for Holland Park Gardens from nails nails once which is like a pastel mint green shade. Its a subtle shade but it has enough colour bursting through to stand out and I am loving it so far.

Im already thinking about what shade to wear, whatever colour shall I go for? I guess you'll have to wait to find out!

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