Tuesday, 22 April 2014

All Eyes On Me

I remember first seeing this Zara eye print dress on their website and thinking how very unique and different only to realise moments later that it was in fact a copycat version of an earlier Kenzo collection. Thats not to say, I still didn't want it in my possession and given that it didn't come with an extortionate price tag, I was easily departed with my money. 

The dress is very much a spring collectable, the colour and style scream spring all over. I love the eye print all over the dress, it kind of adds a subtle touch of quirkiness to the look and I suppose that is why I was drawn to it. It will definitely be a favourite piece for me this spring. You can count on seeing me in this a few times as I believe in getting my money's worth.

Peep where to shop the items below:

Dress- Zara 
Shoes- Zara dress with back zip
Jewellery- Zara pearl bracelet
Bag- Clear Clutch from Ebay 

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