Wednesday, 2 April 2014


St. Catherine's dock

St. Catherine's dock

St. Catherine's dock

I am still going strong with my pastel shades. This week I decided on another nail varnish from the Nails Inc. soft focus collection which was St. Catherine's dock. I haven't had a pink shade on for quite sometime now so I was itching to have to try this colour out and although I do love the colour I am not so sure about the actual nail varnish mixture.

It seems like in the process of drying, there appears to be these really small raised bumps that appeared out of thin air which meant my nails didn't end up with a smooth glossy finish as should be the case. I haven't had this issue with previous nails inc. nail varnish before so I am going to assume that I just happened to get a bad batch, on second thoughts I might actually mail the nails inc. team to see why this is happening because it is rather unusual.

In other news, I suffered a nail casualty during the course of last week so I had to make that all so difficult decision to cut all my nails short so they look presentable and uniform. The journey to long nails starts all over again. I know at some point its inevitable that a nail will break but its always so annoying when it does because I go to great lengths to maintain the length and health but with natural nails breakage is quite simply inevitable and its only just a matter of time.  

I know the week is not over yet but I'm already thinking about what to wear next week. Should I stick to another colour from the soft focus collection? or should I wear a bright bold shade?


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