Friday, 11 April 2014


These transparent strap heels inspired by Alexander Wang has got me drooling like some love sick puppy. They are just to die for and will be perfect for the summer season. I came across this on but I think you can find several different variations on the internet. Topshop even have their own version, the 'Nowadays t-bar sandal" which you can see here but I prefer this version more as it has a higher heel.

The gold Layla headphones by Frends is a girl's answer to a good quality fashionable ear piece. They were designed with females in mind because as you know the majority of over the head headphones are very masculine and bulky. It comes in rose gold which I love and in silver but I have more of a preference for the gold set being that I am a gold girl (my favourite metal to wear). I absolutely want a set now. 

As you know, there are times when you want to immerse yourself into a really good song while on the go and this set will be sure to fit in with whatever outfit you have on. With its feminine touch it won't look out of place amongst your other fashion accessories. It comes with a price tag of £130 which I think is decent and you can purchase it from

Will you be adding this to you wish list? 


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