Friday, 25 April 2014

Shopping In Whistles...French 65 & Croc Clutch

French 65 Stiletto

Medium Shiny Croc Clutch

I just felt to share my most recent purchases from whistles. My first buy was the French 65. I had been eyeing them for quite some time now and I am overly excited to have a pair in my possession. It comes in an array of colours and in patent leather finish. 

I went for them in black given that its my first French 65 and in the suede material because for some reason when it comes to shoes, I tend to have the tendency to go for the suede leather over the natural or patent leather when given the option.

My second and final purchase was the medium shiny croc clutch. I fell in love with the black medium clutch when I first got it so naturally it felt right to get it in the white. I also don't have a vast collection of clutches so this will be the first white clutch I will be adding to a handful of black purses.


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