Friday, 25 April 2014

Spot The Difference

Can you guess which finger is Dreamer by Revlon or Little George Street by nails inc? 
Well I can help you out with that...If you are too impatient to read the following text, just have a sneak peek at the caption on the picture below).

Its amazing how identical these colours. You could be mistaken for thinking both fingernails were painted using the same bottle of nail varnish but I can assure you, that was not the case.
 One nail was painted using Dreamer and the other using Little George Street. The only difference between these two nail varnishes is the nail varnish mixture. Nails inc has a much thicker solution thus requiring less applications to achieve the desired colour shade and it drys faster than the Revlon.

Dreamer (right) and Little George Street (left)


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