Friday, 23 May 2014

The Bright Side Collection

The  Bright Side Collection

My bright side collection order came through in the post earlier last week but I didn't get round to sharing it with you guys so heres a snap shot of the entire collection. I have say that some of the shades from this collection look very similar to that of the Heatwave collection pictured below.

Whats in the Bright Side Collection:

Sheraton Street- muted grey blue shade
Lowndes Square- dusky lilac shade
South Molton Street- natural pink shade
Wellington Square- pastel peach shade (featured in my NPOTW post)
Lanesborough Place- metallic gold shade
Carnaby Street- vibrant yellow shade
Queen Victoria Street- bright emerald shade
Porchester Place- glossy orange shade
Kensington Park Road- neon blue shade
Shoreditch- hot pink shade


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