Friday, 18 July 2014


The gel effect polish is one of my favourite ranges from nails inc. I love the thickness and glossy finish of it and also because it really is long lasting like it says. I first bought Kensington High Street when the gel effect polish was released last year and I instantly fell in love with it. The first collection only featured three colours but as time went on and the collection grew in popularity with people more colours were released and I snapped up two more with Regents Place being on elf them.

Regents Place is the perfect shade to be rocking this summer. Blue is definitely one summer's trend colours this year, in particular the cornflower blue shade. Its everywhere so its no surprise that I have a thing for it summer and it is my nail paint for the week.

Styling My Ankara Print

Summer's colours is always fun and vibrant and I look forward to bringing out my all so colourful clothes this time of the year. 

I felt like injecting a bit of cultural prints into my style so I dragged out this skirt that my Auntie in Ghana made for me a couple of years ago( luckily it still fits) and paired it with my bright green blouse. Its vibrant fun look perfect for those summer outings.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


The zara spring coat that has become a staple for me each during the spring/summer season this year. It more or less what I am rocking when it gets a bit chilly. With the British weather, you never quite know what the temperature will be day in day out so it good to always be prepared which is why I tote around this coat for when it happens.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Simple & Stylish: Leather For A Casual Friday

T-shirts are often the way to go for a casual day for most people and myself. There's just something about them that screams "I'm laid back today". I went for a slight colour theme with this look, pairing my earthy beige shirt with the pastel blue faux leather shirt. Its more of spring colours that I am drag gin along into summer which is fine considering we are transitioning from the spring weather into summer because it doesn't quite feel like summer yet but then it also doesn't quite like spring any longer.

This is a look that requires very minimal effort, for those days when you cannot be bothered to plan an intricate look, simple and stylish does the trick in my eyes. To imitate this look just throw on a old t-shirt with a nice pencil skirt then you're good to go, throw on a pair of heels for added glamour or just rock your flats like you dont care!

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Oriental Inspired Floral Print Skirt

I am currently loving the printed pencil skirt that I got from the Zara sumer sale, Its still currently in stores and online if you happen to want one. Theres something about the floral prints that remind me of an Asian culture, paired with a Zara studio crop top, it makes a great outfit look for those summer luncheons. The bright fuchsia heels are just to add a pop of colour to the look, I chose pink but any real bold complimentary shade would go well with the blue tone of the skirt.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Perfect Nude With Nails Inc.

Draycott Avenue polish

If you are looking for your perfect nude then Nails inc. is the place to go to. They have released a small collection of nude shades to match the different skin tones. However with just four different polishes in the collection, you are more likely to go for a shade that is a close match to your skin tone than one that directly matches your completion. Nonetheless, I was a bit intrigued by this collection as you can expect.

I went for the shade which was closest to my skin complexion which was Draycott Avenue which I applied on in the above picture. I have to say that I was quite interested in Montpelier Walk polish and will most likely be my next purchase from 'The Perfect Nude' collection. Peep the shades in the collection below.

Nails inc. 'The Perfect Nude' collection

In the collection (From top to bottom):

Draycott Avenue
Montpelier Walk
Eaton Terrace
Charlotte Street


Tuesday, 8 July 2014


The see-through sheer lace skirts were a firm favourite on the SS14 catwalks this year and although some of the designs and inspirations from the fashion shows filtered through to the high streets, very few brands created pieces that was reminiscent of the sheer lace skirt from what we saw back in February. However River Island definitely took inspiration from the likes of Burberry with this silver sheer lace skirt they released a few weeks back. 

I wanted to show this piece off as soon as I bought it but with the lack of a photographer i.e my friends willing to snap me, it was difficult to show it off in all its glory. It will definitely be a firm favourite in my summer wardrobe this year so don't be surprised if you see more style looks featuring this skirt. 

This particularly style is sold out online but there is peach version still available in stores. Although the smaller sizes are now sold out but if you happen to desperately want one, I say buy the larger size and tuck it in yourself with a bit of DIY sewing. Thats something I tend to do often to help my clothes fit better on my frame.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What I Got From The Zara Sale...So Far

Zara high heel leather court shoe with bow

I've had my eyes on these shoes for months now but unlike some items that I will buy in a heartbeat without a single thought, I was reluctant to pay the full price for these. I watch these shoes like a hawk and when I realised they weren't sold out after weeks in stock, I had that inclination that they would be a part of the summer sale and thats exactly what happened! 

Zara boot sandal
It was about time I invested in a pair of boot sandals as I tend to go for court shoes 99.9% of the time so the above is my first pair of boot sandals.

Zara printed pencil skirt

A sneak peek at some of the few bits that I have bought from the Zara sale so far. I often tend to go a bit crazy with the Zara but for some reason this year I haven't had the urge to do so. I feel like the summer sale hasn't been as good hasn't been as good like it has in previous years.

I will be featuring these items in future looks so you can look out for those very soon.

Summer Nail Varnish Giveaway: YSL & Barry M

To get into the spirit of summer, I've decided to do a small giveaway featuring a few summery nail vanish shades and a nail paint corrector to clean up those messy bits. Included in the giveaway is one tube of Barry M Blueberry nail varnish (featured in one of my NPOTW posts), one tube of Barry M Grapefruit, one tube of YSL jaune surrealiste and one nail paint corrector.

 As soon as I reach 100 followers on the blog, I will be giving away the above to one lucky person. To enter all you have to do is follow the giveaway rules below.


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