Friday, 11 July 2014

Simple & Stylish: Leather For A Casual Friday

T-shirts are often the way to go for a casual day for most people and myself. There's just something about them that screams "I'm laid back today". I went for a slight colour theme with this look, pairing my earthy beige shirt with the pastel blue faux leather shirt. Its more of spring colours that I am drag gin along into summer which is fine considering we are transitioning from the spring weather into summer because it doesn't quite feel like summer yet but then it also doesn't quite like spring any longer.

This is a look that requires very minimal effort, for those days when you cannot be bothered to plan an intricate look, simple and stylish does the trick in my eyes. To imitate this look just throw on a old t-shirt with a nice pencil skirt then you're good to go, throw on a pair of heels for added glamour or just rock your flats like you dont care!

Peep where to get the items below:

Top- Zara Linen shirt
Skirt- Zara faux leather skirt
Shoes- Zara leather wedge court shoes
Clutch- House of Fraser beaded clutch


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