Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Perfect Nude With Nails Inc.

Draycott Avenue polish

If you are looking for your perfect nude then Nails inc. is the place to go to. They have released a small collection of nude shades to match the different skin tones. However with just four different polishes in the collection, you are more likely to go for a shade that is a close match to your skin tone than one that directly matches your completion. Nonetheless, I was a bit intrigued by this collection as you can expect.

I went for the shade which was closest to my skin complexion which was Draycott Avenue which I applied on in the above picture. I have to say that I was quite interested in Montpelier Walk polish and will most likely be my next purchase from 'The Perfect Nude' collection. Peep the shades in the collection below.

Nails inc. 'The Perfect Nude' collection

In the collection (From top to bottom):

Draycott Avenue
Montpelier Walk
Eaton Terrace
Charlotte Street


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