Friday, 29 August 2014


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gone In The Wind Fabulous...In My Zara Maxi

I've never had so much like I did shooting this look. I dont know if its clear to see but I got carried away with the maxi dress, twirling and swirling all over the place.  This was a holiday look that I recreated. I chose to wear it as a top but I could equally have worn it as a dress. However with the transparent panels behind the dress I had to wear something underneath to protect my modesty which was what inspired the idea of wearing it as a top over wearing it as a top.

Its somewhat of a festival inspired look with my own twist to it. I consider this to be a casual laid back look, minus the heels.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


First up on my list of things that I am dying to have is this vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer coat. I cannot express enough how much having this coat hanging in my closet would mean to me. For me this pieces embodies a few things that I love, one being the fact that it is navy because I love wearing navy, two the gold button detail because I love all things gold and three the structured cut. Its currently available on Nasty Gal and I am still over here wandering , should I or shouldn't I, only time will tell I guess.

Next up on my list are these shoes, also from Nasty Gal. I personally haven't been a huge fun of the cut out shoes currently on trend at the moment but for some reason these cutout flat shoes are speaking another language to me and I fee I must have it. I dont know how exactly it would look on my feet but from what I can invasion in my head, they would look A-amazing.

Given that I already have the necklace and bracelet, I think it's only fair that I add the ring to my collection so this I must have too. It still available to buy on 

The big shawl scarves are going to be a firm favourite this season and this checked piece from is giving me all sorts of life. I can already envision in my head what I'm going to wear it with and the many ways I will be wearing it and it won't just be wrapped around my neck, thats for sure. If you happen to like it as much as I do then I suggest you get yours before it is too late because I can foresee this selling out soon. Dont think, just buy I say. 

Last up on my list is this wool hat also from I just like the way it flops and the colour which is why I must have this piece. There are somethings that you know you should have in your possession just because; and for me, this is one of those items. It will make for some great looks for this autumn/winter season. Unfortunately the size S is sold out so I will now have to go gallivanting around town in search of my size.


Keeping It Simple In A Crop Top & Jeans

Its safe to say summer is well and truly over down here in London but is still not going to stop me from sharing a few of my summer looks I have stashed up away. 

I have had a few of my friends saying my looks are a bit too formal and dressed up so I'm  trying to include in a few fun and casual looks where I can because I am not always dolled up to the nine's, sometimes I do like to keep it simple and casual.

I am currently in love with these Topshop jeans( link to buy them below). I just can't get enough of them right now and they were the perfect choice to wear with my crop top, an oldie from Nasty gal.

I personally feel like you can never go wrong with a crop top and jeans even in winter, all you have to is throw on a coat and you are good to go. It is one of the most simple and easy looks to create. I've chosen to wear heels for this look as I do most times but a pair of flat sandals or trainers could switch things up and give it a different feel to suit anyone's style. Most times after I've taken my shots, the heels come off within an instant and I put my flats on but that's for only those behind the lens to see.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Joseph Altuzarra For Target

After last collaboration with Peter Pilotto, Target have teamed up with designer Joseph Altuzarra for an autumn/fall capsule collection. The collection features about 50 different pieces and will be exclusively available ON 14th September in Target stores and for those in North America and for everyone else, an edited assortment will be available globally on Net-A-Porter. 

The collection features a variety of styles suitable for day and night, either for work, an evening do or a laid back look. I've got my eyes on a few piece already that I think will be great to add to my working wardrobe. For me, the must have piece from the collection will have to be the knee high boots, even if I do not manage to get my hands on anything else and all I am able to buy is the boots, I will be more than content. I only hope that the edited version of the collection sold on Net-A-Porter will feature the boots (fingers crossed they do).

There's definitely a good amount of items from the collection to suit everyone. If could I would buy every piece but thats not possible so I will have a good think about which items I want and make a beeline for them when its available to buy. A bit of advice, decide on on which pieces you want beforehand because the worst thing that can happen on the day is being indecisive on the day and missing out because you took too long to make your mind up.

Peep a few pieces from the collection below including what I think will be the must have piece:

Faux Fur Crop Jacket
Peplum Blazer

Orchid Print Sweatshirt

Dress Crane Embroidery

Python Print Skirt
Brown Ankle Strap Shoe

Peep more of the collection below and the 'MUST HAVE' knee high boots:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Little Yellow Summer Dress

I am adding a bit of sunshine to the day with my little yellow dress, a little something I picked up from the vintage shop Blitz a few months back whilst out and about in the cool streets of East London. 

Featuring in today's look is a simple shirt dress that can be thrown on during the summer season in the blazing sun. I chose to keep it simple and let the dress hang over my body in its tailored form but alternatively you could clinched in the waist with a belt to add a bit more structure to the look something I am likely to do myself on another day.

To add more of a summer feel to this look, I threw on my favourite Zara caged heels for shooting this look but for a more laid back look I would wear my flat sandals which I do often when running around town. I choose to wear heels for my looks but a lot of the time, they work well with flats too. Its all about what you feel comfortable 

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Simple & Stylish: Featuring My Zara Gingham Shirt

The gingham shirt comes out to play again. I first featured this shirt in one of my spring looks 'Gingham Style' earlier this year and found use of it to feature it in a summer look in the above pictures. I paired it with what has now become my favourite jeans at the moment, my Topshop ripped jeans.

I'm just having a bit of fun with this look, it's for those casual outings where you want to make bait of an effort but not too much. 

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