Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My New Favourite Lip Stuff: EOS

I picked up these little gems during my holiday to NYC. I had read some rave reviews about these EOS lip stuff a while back and was eager to get my hands on them. The only problem being that they didn't sell them in the UK so as soon as I stepped foot in a drugstore, I went a little crazy and bought a basket full of them.

Not only did I stock up on a few for myself to last me until the next time I visit America but I also bought one for a number of my friends ( being the all so giving friend that I am). I often tend to wear lipsticks on a daily basis irrespective of where it is I am going so these EOS lip balms will make for a great base coverage or healthy primer (as I like to call it) before my lipstick application plus its always handy to have a lip balm within reach.

My favourite right now has to be the honeysuckle hone drew (green case) followed by the summer fruits (red case) and then finally the strawberry sorbet (pink case). The fruity scents of the EOS lip balms takes me to a dreamy land every single time and with my little stash, I hope I have enough to last me until my next visit.

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