Tuesday, 26 August 2014


First up on my list of things that I am dying to have is this vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer coat. I cannot express enough how much having this coat hanging in my closet would mean to me. For me this pieces embodies a few things that I love, one being the fact that it is navy because I love wearing navy, two the gold button detail because I love all things gold and three the structured cut. Its currently available on Nasty Gal and I am still over here wandering , should I or shouldn't I, only time will tell I guess.

Next up on my list are these shoes, also from Nasty Gal. I personally haven't been a huge fun of the cut out shoes currently on trend at the moment but for some reason these cutout flat shoes are speaking another language to me and I fee I must have it. I dont know how exactly it would look on my feet but from what I can invasion in my head, they would look A-amazing.

Given that I already have the necklace and bracelet, I think it's only fair that I add the ring to my collection so this I must have too. It still available to buy on Zara.com 

The big shawl scarves are going to be a firm favourite this season and this checked piece from Zara.com is giving me all sorts of life. I can already envision in my head what I'm going to wear it with and the many ways I will be wearing it and it won't just be wrapped around my neck, thats for sure. If you happen to like it as much as I do then I suggest you get yours before it is too late because I can foresee this selling out soon. Dont think, just buy I say. 

Last up on my list is this wool hat also from Zara.com. I just like the way it flops and the colour which is why I must have this piece. There are somethings that you know you should have in your possession just because; and for me, this is one of those items. It will make for some great looks for this autumn/winter season. Unfortunately the size S is sold out so I will now have to go gallivanting around town in search of my size.


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