Tuesday, 30 September 2014


It is finally time to step into the dark side with some fall colours and straight up on my list is Piment D'ailleurs from Yves Saint Laurent. It's a dark crimson shade which sits perfectly alongside the autumn hues this time of year.

I have to say that, Yves Saint Laurent alongside Nails Inc. are my favourite nail varnish brands simply because of its thick creamy mixture that allows for a proper application on your nails. As well as that, it has a natural gloss to it when it dries but I always make sure to enhance that gloss even further with a top coat to give a longer lasting gloss that will also prevent my nails from chipping easily.

You can pick the Ysl nail varnish from the yslbeauty.co.uk or from a number of shopping outlets. I picked mine up from Selfridges.com a while back so it may no longer be in stock but you can pick up similar shades from here. As always, dont forget to apply a base coat to protect your nails from stains before applying the nail varnish and then finally finishing things off with a top coat.

I currently use OPI's natural nail base coat and top coat whenever I paint my nails and they do a pretty job in making my nail varnish application look presentable for longer.


Friday, 26 September 2014


It is that time of year again where we wave goodbye to summer and embrace the autumn chills for the next season. In mourning the death of summer, I decided on an all black ensemble with the polo neck signifying my acceptance of the cold chills with my ever so slight short skirt rejecting the idea of any cold temperatures. 

I often find myself wearing a mix of summer and winter clothes for the autumn season because the English weather can be very bipolar at times. The above is similar to the styling approach I adopt for majority of my autumn looks which I will be sharing more of in the coming weeks.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Need Want Now: Wildfox sunglasses...

Mattel, the owner of Barbie are collaborating with a few brands such as Forever 21 and  WILDFOX for a capsule collection which will be out in stores later this year. Upon seeing the promotional pictures released, I immediately fell in love with these round framed glasses from the WILDFOX 'dreamhouse' collection set to launch in November.  I can already foresee them being my new it glasses for the spring/summer season next year. I cannot wait to to get my hands on these.

What am I currently loving and lusting over this week? Well first up on the list is this cape style scarf from Zara. I've have already bought myself a scarf from Zara this season but this scarf I feel I need in my possession too and with a price tag of £25.99 it's very hard to resist. For me its very reminiscent of the scarves we saw on the Burberry AW14 catwalks last summer and I happen to love the mix of colours and also its large size. It screams comfort and style all in one and like most things on this list, I must have it!

I've been in search for new pair of black heels and when I came across this pair on the Zara  (yet again) website I knew this was it. One of the main reasons why this stands out above the rest for me is the gold detail on the heel of the shoe, its such a tiny intricate detail that makes me love and want it the more. It's most definitely on my list of things to buy thats for sure!


Monday, 15 September 2014

Simple & Stylish: Work Wardrobe

Now the autumn(fall) season is upon us, I am having to transition my work wardrobe from summer to suit the colder climate. One of my favourite accessories during the cold months is the scarf. There's nothing like wrapping up warm in a thick wooly scarf and this year in particular, the scarf will be dominating alot of looks.

When it comes to my work wardrobe I tend to wear navy as it is my favourite colour to wear. It's dark and smart but not too serious and also because I just love navy.

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For the week ahead I decided to go for a nude shade and that was purely to go in line with my outfit for a friend's birthday over the weekend. I wore a champagne coloured camisole and so for me the nude shade seem like the ideal nail colour to go for. 

I personally believe the nude shade is not synonymous with any particular season so it works well for the autumn season. Its one of those shades that you should have in your nail varnish collection it can be very handy. Along with red and black it goes well with all coloured outfits.

As per usual I applied my OPI base coat then three coats of Fitzroy road before finishing things off with my OPI top coat. Nails inc., Fitzroy road has a nice creamy texture like most nails inc. nail varnish so a minimum of two coats will give you a good looking finishing but I chose to apply three for an even more solid finish.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Urban Chic

Its an all black affair for my urban chic look today. I dragged out a few oldies to put this look together, one being the cat ears hat which was quite popular last season. I had first seen it on Zara but took so long deciding whether to buy it or not that by the time I was ready to pick up one it was all sold out. Luckily Ebay still had a few going so I ordered one and waited a for a good few weeks before it finally arrived.

The urban chic look is for those evening outdoorsy events during the autumn season. Its a mix of showing some skin but also keeping warm whilst at it.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Rihanna MAC Viva Glam Lipstick II

A nice little healthy reminder of the latest Rihanna Viva glam lipstick which is out on 11th September. It is the second viva glam lipstick release Rihanna has collaborated with Mac over. This time round she's steering clear of the crimson shade but still sticking to the frost finish.

The second lipstick is off a mauve shade with a frost metallic finish like the first Rihanna viva glam lipstick. Like all viva glam lipsticks, all proceeds will be going to help those affected by HIV/Aids.

Peep below the next Rihanna viva glam lipstick.

Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick II

Pictures Curtesy of Huffington Post.

The Blues

After having painted my nails blue with sheraton street, I decided on an all blue outfit to wear into work the next day as part of casual fridays. It was the perfect time to drag out the blue heels I got from the Zara summer sale as well as any other casual blue bits I had hanging in my closet. I threw on a scarf to keep warm from the cold chill in the early but later ended up taking it off as it got warmer.

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Nails inc. Sheraton Street

Sheraton Street was the second nail colour I was wearing late last week and will continue to do so for the most part of this week too. Its a duck egg blue shade which I personally love. It is more of a spring shade than it is autumn winter but sometimes I am not bothered by that as I tend to go for whatever shade I want regardless of the season.

Like most nails inc. polishes the application is smooth and the mixture is thick so two to three coats is enough to get you by with the finish of a top coat off course!

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