Saturday, 6 September 2014


I wore two different shades last week, both from nails inc. First up was South Molton Street, featured in this post which is a blush pink glossy shade and then Sheraton Street which I will feature in a later post.

I know its been a few weeks since I posted a 'NPOTW' post but not to worry because I am back on my grind so you can look forward reading up on my weekly nail varnish shades like before. 

After having had a few bold shades for the summer, I was after something subdued and demure and South Molton Street encapsulated that for me. It is one of those shades that  upon its first application looks almost colourless. As a result it requires you to apply a number of coats in order to achieve a rich colour intensity in order to resemble the colour shade in the bottle.

In my case I wanted the pink shade to be very prominent so applied up to four layers to achieve the colour intensity you can see in the pictures above. I felt like after two coats it was not easily evident that nail varnish on (minus the gloss off course which is always a dead ringer) and well when I get my nails done, I want any and everyone to be able to tell that they have be done. This is entirely my decision but off course if you want that subtle look then two- three coats would be perfect for you.

I finished things off with my OPI top coat now that my kensington caviar has run out and the glossiness lasted up to a week before it started to lose its shine.

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