Sunday, 16 November 2014

Leather Mix

I can remember the excitement I felt when I came across the leather skirt featured in today's look on ASOS. The price tag for what was a 100% leather composition was undeniably too good to forgo that I had to have it in my possession and much to my annoyance the price was reduced further after I had made by purchase. I did entertain the idea of repurchasing the skirt and then returning my first initial purchase but I didn't follow through with it.

The look featured in this post was one I put together at the beginning of the autumn season when the sun was high up in the sky and I didn't really need an outerwear piece. However given the current temperatures over here in London, I would advise wearing either a short jacket that sits on the waist or a lengthy coat to complete the look. 

I kept the colours dark for this look allowing the checked scarf (my current favourite) and red lips to brighten up the look so the look wasn't too subdued. Its an ideal look for those weekend dinner dates.

Peep where to shop the items in the look below:
Top - An oldie from H&M
Skirt - ASOS leather skirt 
Shoes - Giuseppe Zanotti
Scarf - Zara checked scarf
Bag - Vintage (mother's old something)


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