Monday, 24 November 2014


Kensington Cavier 45sec top coat (L) and Bruton Mews (R)

I finally decided to try Bruton Mews from the Nails inc. nail newly released nail varnish range and I have to say that I might actually prefer the nail kale range to the gel effects polish. 

I didn't think Nails inc. could out do the quality of the gel effects polish but I think they may very well have done so with the nail kale range range. Much like the gel effects, the nail kale polish mixture is rich and thick thus requiring minimal applications to achieve a polished look. 

You could get away with not using a top coat to seal the polish as it dries up with a glossy finish. I happen to like my nails looking glossy for as long as possible and for me nails inc. Kensington caviar top coat in my opinion is the best out there, it's a quick drying polish with a lasting glossy finish. It has my nails looking glossy for up to two weeks and im sure if I kept them on longer than that it would still have my nails glossing away. I don't think you could ask for anything more when it comes to top coats!

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