Thursday, 13 November 2014

Strutting In My Thigh High Unique Boots

Featured in today's look is another item that I featured in my last "Need Want Now" posts, the Topshop unique thigh high boots which I very luckily managed to get my hands on. Considering they have a 5 inch heel, they are fairly comfortable to walk in, well for a good few hours before my feet starts to wither in pain like all high heels known to womankind. 

I paired them up with a jumpsuit I picked up from Zara a few weeks ago at a very good price, too good that I couldn't resist myself from making an impulse purchase. It has a tad bit of a swinging sixties, hippies vibe but my military style coat layered on top, helps to bring the look into the modern ages.

This is a fun look laid back look that I wore to a lunch date over the weekend. I must admit I drew a few disapproving looks from older females during my commute into town but I couldn't care less. As long as I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing, then thats all that really matters.

Peep where to buy the items from the look below:
Jumpsuit - Zara bell sleeve jumpsuit
Boots - Topshop Unique thigh high boots
Coat - Zara (AW12 Collection)
Bag - Vintage (Mother's old something)


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