Monday, 29 December 2014


Now this right here is the best secret santa present I have ever received in my life thus far, the Christian Louboutin, Rouge Louboutin nail varnish. I was planning to wear the VB Judo red this week but after being surprised with this little beauty there was no way I was waiting any longer than I needed to, to wear it so here it is featuring as this week's nail paint.

I love a thick nail varnish mixture, its the reason why I am quite drawn to the nails inc and ysl brand and I think I will be adding Christian Louboutin to that list too. If all the nail varnishes from Christian Louboutin are as thick as Rouge Louboutin then I will be collecting them one by one over time. With such a thick mixture, you do not require a million layers of application to achieve the desire look, two coats are more than enough but if you're like me and you prefer the nail varnish to dry up quite thick then three to four coats is ideal. 


Christmas Treat: Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise Candle

Whenever that time of year comes around to do the christmas shopping, I always treat myself to a few bits here and there and this year was no different. Although I will say I did fair a lot better this time round as I only picked one treat for myself and that was a Jo Malone vanilla & anise candle.

I was undecided between the vanilla & anise and the pomegranate noir. It was a tough call but in the end I went for the vanilla & anise and I am absolutely and completely in love with it at the moment. Having said that, I am quite tempted to pick up a pomegranate noir and a vanilla & anise diffuser next time I pop into the shops but until then I will make to do with the vanilla & anise. 

I picked mine up from Selfridges and I love that it came with a pack of matchsticks so you need not worry about how to set the wick alight!


Monochrome Much?


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Monday, 22 December 2014


This week's nail paint features the limited edition Bamboo White nail varnish from the Victoria Beckham collaboration with Nails inc. that I snapped up last week

As someone who loves Victoria Beckham's fashion and nails inc products, this collaboration was heaven sent. It is a shame the collaboration didn't feature more colour shades because Lord knows, I would have snapped them up too. 

To achieve the nail look in the pictures above, I applied one coat of the OPI base coat, three coats of Bamboo White nail polish and then allowed it to touch dry. Following this, I applied one coating if the nails inc. gel effect top coat before rounding things up with what I consider to be the best top coat ever, the nails inc. Kensington cavier top coat. 

I love that the Bamboo White nail polish is very much like the nails inc gel effect polish in terms of the thick rich mixture. I am all about thickness when it comes to my nail polishes because it requires less layers of the nail paint to achieve the desired look. I will say that although this shade has been named Bamboo White, with it's light pink under tone, Bamboo Pink would have been more befitting but I guess 'pink' probably doesn't sound quite as chic as white so here's to one of the chicest beauty releases of 2014, Bamboo White nail varnish. 

I will be posting the other nail varnish from the VB X nails inc collaboration, Judo Red up on the blog in the coming weeks. I promise not to keep you waiting for too long!


Casual 'N Chic

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter Blues

Some more winter blues for you, a look I often wear to work. Navy as you know is my uniform colour so its no surprise here's another look featuring a bit navy. 

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Friday, 12 December 2014


I find myself leaning towards the darker shades the past few weeks and rightly so as it is the ideal shades for the winter months. For this week, I chose Victoria Park Road from nails inc, it was part of a miniature size set that I received for free when I spent a given amount on their products. It is a really dark blue shade that is so dark that it near enough looks black upon the first glance. 

To achieve the shade I have in the pictures above, I applied three coats before sealing things off with kensington xavier top coat. Let's not forget the base coat which is a must to protect your nails.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Wrapped Up In My Winter Warmers

Its gets to that time of year where it is all about wrapping up warm and also looking stylish whilst at it. The polo neck jumpers are one of my favourites during the winter months. I can forgo wearing a million layers of clothing because wearing a polo neck really does help to retain a lot of my body heat which is exactly what I need because I so easily get cold.

For the past few looks, I have been sticking to a navy and black theme and so I thought I would lighten up today's colour palette with some softer shades along with a more casual ensemble. Whenever jeans are involved, it is always a casual look. 

The majority of the items featured in today's post are a bunch of oldies sitting in my wardrobe but you can get easily get similar items to re-create the look if you wish. I dont often inject a great deal of my personality in my photos, so the last photo is a small glimpse of my somewhat outlandish behaviour behind the scenes that I often don't share.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

VB X Nails inc. Bamboo White & Judo Red

I came home to the nicest surprise today, the Victoria Beckham nails inc. nail varnish I ordered on monday came through in the post. I have to say judging from the size of the packaging box which can be seen in the last photo, I did not think it would be the nail varnish inside. I did get a little carried away thinking somebody somewhere had  surprised me with a nice little gift, but oh no was I wrong. 

I opened up the box to see a smaller cardboard box and inside that was a paper carry bag along and  the white box with the two nail polish bottles laying inside. If I had not painted my nails the night before, I would have worn one of these colours. I am now going to wait till the weekend to try it out even though I can barely contain my excitement. 

I love the packaging from this collaboration. There is something about the glass bottles being black and white that gives off that chic look. It's most definitely the chicest nail varnish I have in my collection. 

I will follow this post up with swatches and pictures of what the colours look like on. I promise not to keep you waiting for too long!

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