Monday, 29 December 2014


Now this right here is the best secret santa present I have ever received in my life thus far, the Christian Louboutin, Rouge Louboutin nail varnish. I was planning to wear the VB Judo red this week but after being surprised with this little beauty there was no way I was waiting any longer than I needed to, to wear it so here it is featuring as this week's nail paint.

I love a thick nail varnish mixture, its the reason why I am quite drawn to the nails inc and ysl brand and I think I will be adding Christian Louboutin to that list too. If all the nail varnishes from Christian Louboutin are as thick as Rouge Louboutin then I will be collecting them one by one over time. With such a thick mixture, you do not require a million layers of application to achieve the desire look, two coats are more than enough but if you're like me and you prefer the nail varnish to dry up quite thick then three to four coats is ideal. 


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