Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Monica Vinder's Fiji bracelet is by far 'the' friendship bracelet of the moment. It is a touching way to seal your friendship to your best bud. It is something that I have wanted for myself for myself for sometime but I thought it would be silly buying it for myself so the next best option was to buy it for one of my best bud's birthday. 

The bracelets come in an array on colours but I chose the black bracelet so much for it meaning but more so because I knew it would be the colour my friend would love the most. Although the black representation of energy is very befitting of her being that she soldiers through the many obstacles that life throws at her.

Theres the option to personalise the bracelets making it even more touching and meaningful and not add that it is complimentary which any purchase of their bracelets. Unfortunately, I took these photos before the bracelet was engraved otherwise I would have shared that with you. I had the option of choosing to engrave either the outer or inner band as well picking out the font. 

All in all, the Monica Fiji bracelet makes for a great present!


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