Wednesday, 25 March 2015


It is finally spring out here in London and I cannot express enough how happy I am about that. The time has come for me to finally ditch the heavy thick coats and bring out the lightweight outerwear pieces. 

For this look, I chose to drag out of the closet, one of my favourite buys last summer. The light weight parker from Zara that I then paired with it's matching trousers that I luckily  picked up in the sales.  I love matching separates, I go crazy for them for some reason and I happen to have a few more that  I will be sharing with you later as part of my SS15 personal style posts.

Mind you despite it being spring, it is pretty breezy out there. I had to brave the chilly winds when trying to capture this look. This look for me is a laid back style dressed up with a bit of heels, you could easily switch the heels for a pair of trainers for more of a casual look. I also love the pale delicate colours which is ideal for the spring and to eventually transition into the summer brights when it gets warmer.

Peep where to shop items in the look below:

Cheap & Chic: Discounted Designer Heels

Alexandra Pump by Bionda Castana , £200

Josie printed leather pumps by Charlotte Olympia, £298

Anastasia cutout suede sandals by Sam Eldelman, £80

Isabel Marant Beckett sneakers, £200

Schutz Ayah cutout leather pumps

Tabitha Simmons Josephina elaphe pumps, £380

Giuseppe Zanotti mirror court shoes, £275

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Monday, 23 March 2015


No one ever said the denim had to match when putting together a bit of denim on denim action and that was very much my thought process when putting together this casual spring look. A bit of denim blues with an added touch of crimson to start the spring season. 

Its nearing that time of year when I can start leaving my coat and maybe jacket behind at home and that's exactly what I did for this look. I ditched the outerwear although I held on to my scarf for added warmth. I cannot wait till the sumer months to spring the 'skimpies'.

Luckily I will have the chance to that when I fly away to a much warmer climate in a couple of week. Therefore expect a snippet of my summer wardrobe in the weeks to come!

Peep where to shop items in the look below:

Need Want Now: Topshop Unique Sandals & more

First up on my list this week are these lovely Topshop unique patent leather skinny strap sandals. With summer fast approaching, I need to invest in a pair of everyday strappy sandals and I am thinking this pair could very well be it.

Next up on my list is this lengthy COS skirt with rubber print. I feel it will make for a great spring look.

Next up is this Zara stripped turtleneck dress which I think would look great paired with my stripped sun hat and some dark cat eye sunglasses.

I am in love with set also from Zara and I want it all, the cropped top and the cropped high waist trousers. I cannot have one piece without the other, I must have it all in my eyes. 

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This week, I will be wearing Rouge Louboutin by Christian Louboutin; a striking bold shade to compliment my outfit choices. 
I applied three coats of the rouge Louboutin to achieve the results featured here but you could equally apply two coats as the Louboutin polish is relatively thick thus not requiring a ton of layers to achieve the desired results. For a long lasting finish and to prevent staining your nails from the bright shade always apply a top and base coat. My nail polish applications is never compete without either a top or base coat.

I was lucky enough to have received the Rouge Louboutin last christmas from one of my very good friends after some heavy hinting. You can pick up a bottle from the shops including


Thursday, 19 March 2015


Some nights are meant to be casual, which make me draw for my ripped denim and ribbed top. Despite green being my favourite colour, I seem to have more navy pieces than I do green in my wardrobe but I do have the odd green piece. 

The ribbed funnel top is one I picked up from Topshop quite recently. I loved its semi sheerness and the ribbed effect although I do wish it was longer in length. I have a pretty short torso I think and the top somehow still managed to look short on me so my best bet was to pair it up with some high waisted jeans to deflect from its length. Mind you it is an ideal piece to have if you want to show off a bit of your midriff.

Do you think I nailed it right?

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

M&S Limited London Capsule collection

M&S have got me talking over their limited london 2015 capsule collection which is due for release on 28th May in selected stores stores. It is a 16 piece collection that was inspired by the surrounding area of M&S's studio in east London. 

I love the vibrant colours and bold prints. I can most definitely see this collection being a fashion favourite with fashionista and given its affordability, its sure to sell out in an instant.  I already know what want from the collection; I now need to strategically plan out how I will be getting my hands on them.

You can check out a few bits from the collection below. My favourite piece from the collection has to be the fitted midi skirt. It is the one piece that I feel I must have above all things from this capsule. What are your thoughts? Does anything stand out to you?

Dress £40

Skirt £25

Top £18

Top £23

Shirt £30

Skirt £40

Jacket £69

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Parisian Style Look: French Stripes

It just makes sense to wear your stripes when in France and that is exactly what I did on my first day out as I took in the sight of the Sacré-Coeur. I paired my striped jumper with my comfortable jaime jeans and flats and I was ready for my day on foot in the Parisian streets and because it was bit chilly and windy at the time, I threw on my fedora for added warmth and style. 

Given that the bulk of my wardrobe is full of navy bits, they all come together quite nicely to create my all so navy uniformed look.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


It was only right that I sneaked in a few landmarks in my photos, because it just feels right to do so. Before I transcended on this mini photoshoot outside the Arc du Triumph, I had a dinner date planned. Like all dinner dates, I have a uniform in place which consists of wearing a loose fitting top and fitted pair of jeans. 

I am the sort of person that finds myself looking like five months into a pregnancy after indulging in good food. Therefore for me, concealing this mishap is always a must and a loose fitting top is one of the best pieces to womankind. You'll rarely ever catch me in fitted tops for a dinner date, I would much rather spend my time enjoying the good company than being conscious of what I am going to look in the aftermath.

I have to say, that I am also loving my Topshop Ghillie courts. They are currently one of my favourite heels right behind my Christian Louboutin so kate. They are comfortable and easy to wear and whats even better is that you need not worry about your new heels rubbing against the back on your foot due to its design, a major plus points in my books.

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