Thursday, 5 March 2015

Need Want Now: Zara Long Tailored Waist Coat &...

Currently up on my wish list of spring bits is this long tailored waistcoat from Zara. Ever since I missed out on their AW13 navy waist cow, I have been in search of a replacement to heal that void. This piece is not quite the same as the AW13 version but given that it is in navy it will suffice. It is currently up on the to buy and I am sitting here straddling the fence of 'should I, shouldn't I". Only time will tell if I do, hopefully it will still be stocked when I do make that final decision. My greatest fear over this is that it will sell out before I make my mind up!

Another piece of my wish list is this leather rucksack also from I love the style of the bag. It will be prefect for those casual weekend strolls. Although I am aware that it will be a high maintenance piece given that it is suede and of a light colour but I still want it regardless.

I know, I already have a spring coat similar in kind locked away in my closet by this long belted coat from COS makes me want to forget about my old piece. I'm a lover of the belted coat so it doesn't matter how many I have hanging in my coset, I am always going to want more to add to my collection especial if it is a different shade. Then there's no good reason not to get it I say.

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