Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Spring Styles : Double Layer Dress

A couple of years back I picked up this double layer dress for part of my 20th birthday celebrations and being the hoarder that I am, I held onto it for the past few years. Like most items that I hold on to, its because I feel it will come in handy in the nearby future and I dont want to risk the possibility of wanting it low and behold it did as I found use for it to create this look. Despite it being a tighter fit on me than it was a few years back, I was very determined to slip it on for this spring style look.

Additionally it just so happens that the double layer dress is back on trend for the spring/summer season thus it was an ideal piece to pair with my all so favourite spring coat that I picked up from Zara. I love that the double layer dress gives off the illusion of wearing two separates pieces and having a smaller waist.

With the weather getting a lot brighter in London, I find myself naturally gravitating towards the lighter and more neutral shades and ditching the darker colour palettes thus I may be waving good bye to the all navy outfits for a while. 

Peep where to shop items in the look below:
Trench Coat - Zara (SS14)

Dress - ASOS 
Shoes - Zara 
Clutch - Whistles croc leather clutch


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