Friday, 31 July 2015


It may be a few days before the deadline but I thought I'd give it a shot and enter the Stylist magazine's Fiesta Stylista competition. I came across this old look and figured it qualified for the SS15 red theme thus I'm entering myself into the competition just for fun.

I mean it's better late than never in my eyes even though I know never late is always better. It's worth the try; please like my picture on instagram @kuitips and get all your friends to like it as well

Sunday, 26 July 2015


I am already planning ahead for the autumn/winter season and I am starting to stock up on some new autumn winter pieces. First up on the list is always a new coat and I have come to love COS coats ever since I got my navy wool mohair coat from them last year.  They are now my go-to store for coats. Their current full-length wool coat, on elf the key pieces from their AW15 Look book has been my first purchase for the coming autumn winter season. 

I think it's always best to plan head for the seasons and with pieces like this that are likely to be bestsellers it is best to purchase them now to avoid disappointment later. The belted coats are a firm favourite of mine and I can quite easily see myself stocking up on them in number of colours. 

I have recently found myself lusting over the Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette and have that sudden need to have it in my closet. It would make for a great sports bra and to revamp my current sports gear just that little bit. You can buy the Calvin Klein modern cotton bralette from the Calvin Klein website as well as other online shops such as ASOS and given that they retail for £28 you won't be breaking the bank for a designer piece.

Next up on my list is the ASOS wiggle dress with split front. It would make for the ideal transitional dress from the office to after work drinks with friends. 



For the past week I chose to wear Nails inc. Belsize Lane. It was part of a free gift that I received from Nails inc. after spending more than £25 on the Nails inc. website and it came with three other mini bottles as seen in the picture above. 

Belsize Lane is a mint green shade which is ideal for the summer season and likely to compliment the spring/summer colour palette. For me nail paint is an added accessory to an outfit and I love the flexibility of being able to change them whenever I want. 

Although I have not documented my choice of nail varnish colours over the past few weeks, I have been sticking to a theme of pastel and subtle shades. Therefore last week I decided to steer away from the lighter shades and instead reach for a slight pop of colour thus resulting in me choosing Belsize Lane. There is always a reason behind the nail paint colour shades that I choose to be my nail paint of the week and it can be anything from the season, my mood or outfit choice that influences my decisions.

My process for applying nail varnish remains the same as always and is as follows:

1. Apply one layer of the base coat (currently using Nails inc. nail kale superfood base coat).

2.Apply a minimum of three layers of the chosen nail varnish (in this case it was Belsize Lane).

3. Finish off with a layer or two of kensington  caviar top coat for a glossy lasting finish.

4. Air dry your nails or use a nail dryer to speed up the process.

These are the simple steps that I take to achieve the finish in the photos and they can easily be adopted by anyone, It just requires a little bit of patience. Like most things, practice makes perfect so you can be sure to have well manicured nails from the comfort of your own home.


Saturday, 25 July 2015


Picture source: Etsy
The temporary metallic tattoos have been one of this year's most sought after accessories and have grown in popularity after the likes of Beyonce and Rosie Huntington-Whitely were spotted wearing them. For me, they are very reminiscent of the free temporary tattoos that came in sweet packets. They are in high demand and luckily there are a number of online outlets and stores that stock them to cater for the demand. 

A few of the online outlets stocking the temporary metallic tattoos, River Island and Topshop and they all offer different designs and patterns so theres a large pool to choose from. I also love that you can customise the length and wear temporary metallic tattoos on any body part whether it be on your thighs, arms, wrists or ankles. Essentially the temporary metallic tattoos can be worn as inexpensive jewellery to accessorise your outfit. You can check out some of the temporary designs online below. 



River Island



Thursday, 23 July 2015


I have been lusting over this Zara belted blazer from the very moment I laid eyes on it. Despite the love at first sight attraction, i found it difficult to fork out £80 for it and so I held out a little longer to make a purchase. Luckily a number of weeks down the line the belted blazer was included in the SS15 sale at a reduced price but even then I was not willing to depart with my money for the new price so I held out even longer as the price got slashed some more. 

I kept a watchful eye over the stock levels for the belted blazer ensuring that all sizes were still available until the price went down to £40 and the XS went out of stock. At that moment I knew I had to snap up one for myself before the size S sold out. Even though I would have preferred to held out a little longer for the further reduction, I could not afford to miss out on owning one. Unfortunately just after I had snapped up a size S, the price was reduced even further to £30 and that little voice inside of me wanted to place a new order for another size S at the new price but sadly I was not quick enough as the size S then sold out. 

I would have been that little bit happier had I managed to snap up a size S at the new price of £30 but I am nonetheless grateful that I atleast have one on its way to me so look out for some personal style posts featuring the Zara belted blazer.

Monday, 20 July 2015


There are days when I want to leave the structured shapes and fitted bits at home in favour of some loosely shaped cuts. Some days I prefer to leave the skinny jeans at home and it is during those days that the pajama style trousers come in handy.

I picked mine up from Zara and paired it with a kimono style top along with a loosely fitted blazer to give it a smart-casual look. The all black look makes it appear fairly formal while the style and cut injects a bit of a casual approach. Given the low cut nature of the kimono style top, I chose to go bra-less something I can get away with because my breasts are that big.  If you happen to have bigger breasts, you can still rock this style by holding on to that bra and pinning together the top to shower however much cleavage you feel comfortable showing.

This look would make for a relaxed dinner date where the kimono style top will conceal any 'food babies' after an enjoyable meal. As such you dont need to worry about any protruding stomachs showing through your tops. Unfortunately all pieces in the look minus the Christian Louboutin so kate suede are sold out but there are a number of shops out there stocking the similar styles to help re-create the look.

Peep where to shop items in the look below:

Friday, 17 July 2015


Following on from the success of the nails inc. and Victoria Beckham collaboration for SS15, it appears that Nails inc. will be teaming up with Alice and Olivia for an AW15 launch later this year. There has been minimal details on what the collection will entail other than the obvious, being inspired by Alice & Olivia's AW15 collection. As well as it having a 1970's rock and roll vibe with a bohemian twist.

It will be interesting to see what colour shades are offered in the collection and whether there will be a varied range of colours to choose from. At least we know there will be a burgundy shade featured amongst the collection if the promotional picture, as seen above, is anything to go by. I will keep you posted on the release date and any further details as and when I come across them. Get ready to stock up and update that nail varnish cabinet!


Stella Mccartney, £600

Jessica Buurman, £100

ZARA, £70

It is looking like the britt shoes/platform bluchers may very well be one of the newest trends to hit the shops for the autumn/winter season. I first saw the britt shoes on the Stella Mccartney AW15 runway and soon after a number of high profile celebs were spotted in them giving their seal of approval. 

It was only a matter of time before the high street would try to capitalise on this new found trend, with Zara taking the lead and releasing their own version. Online retailer Jessica Buurman also followed suit and released a varied colour collection of oxford platform sneakers which is similar to that of Stella Mccartney's britt shoes minus the hefty price tag off course.

There is a clear difference between the Stella Mccartney's britt shoe and Zara's platform blucher with the britt shoe having a much higher platform than Zara's metallic platform blucher. However Jessca Buurman's platform sneakers bears a striking resemblance to the britt shoe and is most probably the next best option to the britt shoe currently out there on the high street. Which do you prefer, the designer or the steals?

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Zara, Leather high heel shoes with perforated detail, £70
This Zara perforated high heel shoe is very reminiscent of Christian Louboutin's Impera laser cut pumps minus the hefty price tag off course. It would make for my ideal everyday work pumps and as you can imagine, it is on my ever growing Zara wish list.

Zara Flat court shoe with ankle strap, £30

I have scouting high and low for a new pair of black flats as my wardrobe is over flowing with high heels. These Zara flat court shoe would be the perfect steal to run around town in. It is a simplistic yet stylish way to complete that casual summer's look.
Zara Knotted high heel sandals, £30

Zara shoe with metal heel and toe cap, £20
The perfect slip on that everyone needs to suit any and every outfit possible.
Zara Lace up ballerina shoes, £30

The lace up shoes are very much in trend for the spring/summer season. It's all over place that you can hardly miss them; now it looks like Zara have followed suit and jumped of the wagon by realising their own version. 

I happen to have a lace up shoe myself which I picked up from Office a while back. It was a little bit pricier than the Zara version but it is 100% suede leather unlike the Zara lace up so the price tag is justified in my eyes. You can check out my post on some of the various lace up flat shoes currently out there to choose from if you are thinking about buying one.


Saturday, 11 July 2015


Topshop Motto Bright Blue Button Front A-Line skirt, £28

Topshop MOTO Denim Button Front Midi Skirt, £30

Zara Mini Skater Skirt, £29.99

H&M Denim Skirt, £29.99

H&M Denim skirt, £24.99


Zara Oversized Blazer & Topshop Mom Shorts

The oversized Zara blazer is currently one of my favourite outerwear pieces sitting in my closet that I picked up a little while back during the AW14 sales. There's no real need for the blazer during the day however when night falls the summer nights can be pretty chilly out here in London so it is always wise to carry a jacket or blazer about if planing on staying out late.

Given that the summer months aren't long enough, I always try to get the most use out of my short pieces where possible. As a result I will drag out my short Topshop mom shorts, dresses or camisoles where possible because I know within a blink of an eye winter will be back with a vengeance.

This is the kind of look I would step out in when heading out for drinks; minus the heels with a pair of flat shoes on it would suitable for running around town in without breaking your leg. What are your thoughts?

Peep where to shop items in the look below:

Summer Sports Wear Update

Nike Pro Sports bra

Nike 7.5cm Modern Embossed Tempo

Nike Free 5.0 Running shoes

A snippet of  my new sports wear for the summer season. I have been out of the gym for about two months now just lazying about and I figured one of the best ways to motivate myself to get back in the gym would be to update my gym gear. In my head if I have a new set of gym clothes that I want to be seen in, chances are that I will want to work out just so I can be seen in it. 

I have ordered the sports bra and shorts off and I am now deliberating on snapping up the nike free 5.0 running shoes too to complete the look. Given that I have pair running in relatively good condition, I dont need a new pair but I mean who doesn't like an all black outfit whether its sports wear, casual wear or a formal look? 


Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Occasionally during the summer months in London, it is advisable to hold on to that light trench coat because the British weather can be somewhat bipolar and you never quite know when it is going to rain. 

The floral prints come out to play whenever summer comes round. The  Zara floral print skirt featured in this style look happens to be one of my all time favourite and one I wear quite a bit during the warmer climate. I picked it up during the summer sales last year and have previously featured it on the blog. 

This time round I paired the floral print skirt with a long sleeved light grey top also from Zara along with a lime trench coat to add a pop of colour. The block colour of grey compliments the colours of the skirt whilst also  allowing the floral print skirt to be the main to stand out piece of the look. The footwear was kept to a muted tone of tan to avoid too much of  a colour clash.

Peep where to shop items in the look below:
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