Sunday, 26 July 2015


For the past week I chose to wear Nails inc. Belsize Lane. It was part of a free gift that I received from Nails inc. after spending more than £25 on the Nails inc. website and it came with three other mini bottles as seen in the picture above. 

Belsize Lane is a mint green shade which is ideal for the summer season and likely to compliment the spring/summer colour palette. For me nail paint is an added accessory to an outfit and I love the flexibility of being able to change them whenever I want. 

Although I have not documented my choice of nail varnish colours over the past few weeks, I have been sticking to a theme of pastel and subtle shades. Therefore last week I decided to steer away from the lighter shades and instead reach for a slight pop of colour thus resulting in me choosing Belsize Lane. There is always a reason behind the nail paint colour shades that I choose to be my nail paint of the week and it can be anything from the season, my mood or outfit choice that influences my decisions.

My process for applying nail varnish remains the same as always and is as follows:

1. Apply one layer of the base coat (currently using Nails inc. nail kale superfood base coat).

2.Apply a minimum of three layers of the chosen nail varnish (in this case it was Belsize Lane).

3. Finish off with a layer or two of kensington  caviar top coat for a glossy lasting finish.

4. Air dry your nails or use a nail dryer to speed up the process.

These are the simple steps that I take to achieve the finish in the photos and they can easily be adopted by anyone, It just requires a little bit of patience. Like most things, practice makes perfect so you can be sure to have well manicured nails from the comfort of your own home.


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