Friday, 16 October 2015


I came across this style look from my summer archive which was me having a go at the back-to-front shirt trend that was spotted during London Fashion Week. Despite it now well and truly being autumn over here in London I thought I would still share the style look with you guys.  

Which is as simple as grabbing a ordinary plain shirt and wearing it the wrong way round if you want  to call it that. It is a new and different approach to wearing the ordinary shirt so if you're ever lost on ideas on how to wear you shirt then why not try out this new approach.

Having tried this trend, I realised that it was essential to not button up my shirt to the very top as I needed a few buttons undone to make is easier on myself to breathe and that's a recommendation I would give to anyone else out there looking to have a go at trying out this look.


Shirt - Zara poplin shirt
Jeans - Topshop Moto ripped Jamie Jeans
Shoes - Giuseppe Zanotti (in gold)


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