Monday, 2 November 2015


Here's my video review on the Gelousy easy peel of gel sample that I received a couple of weeks ago.  The Gelousy peel off gel starter kit contains all the essentials you need to create your own gel manicure. Inside the package are two gel polishes, one top/base coat and the gel polish, some cleansing wipes, a hoof stick, nail buffer and and your very own LED light. 

There's also a simple step by step guide that you can follow to help you achieve a gel manicure at home and that's exactly what I did so why don't you check the video out and see for yourself how simple it is to use!

I personally loved the thickness of the polish mixture as well as how glossy my nails looked at the end of it all. For me, it was very important I love that the Gelousy gel was peel off and wouldn't require me to soak my nails in acetone which weakens the nail. That was something that was very important to me because I naturally grow out my nails to long length and as such I shy away from any products that I feel may be damaging for them.

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