Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I have been pretty good with the new year's sales this years. Rather than splurging and buying new bit  for the simple fact that they are on sale, I resulted to picking up bits that I felt my wardrobe was lacking. 

The amazing thing was I had my eye on these boots when they were first released by Zara in the autumn but I personally couldn't justifying parting with £80 for them. As such, I decided to forget about them, that was until I was stumbled across them in the sales whilst I was on my way to return an earlier purchase. 

I made a bee line for them as soon as my eyes landed on them and instantly scooped up the last remaining size 6/Eu 39. I then tried them on,  luckily they were a comfortable fit. I then checked the price which was now down to £50 and decided that was a much reasonable price to pay for them compared to the earlier price tag of £80. 

I now have a pair of ankle boots in my wardrobe to replace my old worn out pair that loved so much. I will be featuring these new pair in some style posts in the coming weeks up on the blog. 

Are you fan of my new purchase? 

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