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If you have been keeping up with my youtube videos over on my channel then you will know that one of my new year's resolutions was to carry out more collaborations with brands and  also my fellow bloggers/youtubers. Given that there is a community in the blogging youtube world it is a very good idea to engage with other bloggers and build my network. 

I personally believe that in order to succeed in this blogging world, it is essential to partner up with other bloggers from time to time and create exciting content. This is why I have partnered up with Bola Sol from The Sol lifestyle to bring a collaboration post on Black Girl Magic. Head over to The Sol Lifestyle to read up on my thoughts surrounding Black Girl magic but before you do, read up on Bola's thoughts below.


Me: What does black girl magic mean to you?

Bola: To me it means rising up against adversity. Being our most powerful selves and being unapologetic about it. I think a lot of times we have just let the status quo stay the same and we haven't challenged it. But now? We are running through doors and making our own rules and I think that's so important. Black Girl Magic isn't about being defiant. It's about a celebration of our differences and understanding these differences is what unifies us. There is so much talent and entrepreneurship amongst us and I'm so proud of who we are all becoming. 

Me: How do you feel your blog fits into the idea of  #Black girl magic?

Bola: I started this blog as a way to combine a few of my passions and also share some of my thoughts and experiences with others. There is nothing like realising that someone else is going through something similar to you. I just want people to know that we are in this together! 

*cue high school musical soundtrack *

Me: haha, I'm actually dying (that's in reference to high school musical nod"

Me: Do you feel that black girl magic has had an impact in your life in any way?

Bola: Hell yh! Even before the hashtag existed! I looked up to so many women of colour I didn't even know. Oprah. Diane Abbot. Serena Williams. BeyoncĂ©. Kerry Washington. But now it's so much closer to home. People who live so close to you are doing great things and it continues to inspire me. Im going to name drop them too because it's not everyday famous people. Mels Wardrobe - fashion blogger & interior designer. Alexis London- founder of Gym Bites. Patricia Bright -content creator. Leomie Anderson- model & blogger. Goodness, I could list so many people. All these women and many more make me think, "What impact am I making?" 

Me: Do you feel like being a woman of colour creates limitations to your level of success in the blogging/YouTube world?

Bola: I think it may do but I don't buy into it. It's so key not to tap into our limitations but work on our strengths and our USP's. The things we feed into grow and I'm not planting anything in the foundation of limitations because of the colour of my skin. No way, not me, not Bola Sol and definitely not anyone reading this. We must believe in ourselves enough to see that whatever we face, we will overcome.

Me: How do you think we as black girls can keep the popular movement alive and stop it from fading?

Bola: By continuing to celebrate each others achievements and be supportive. I'm starting to shift everything to a business mindset so these days I know how important a like can be on Instagram or a comment on someone's website. If we keep supporting each other and keep putting our best out there we will never run dry of inspiration.   

Me: That's a brilliant answer.

Me: How do you go about using fashion to draw attention to the issues that matter to you?

Bola: They always say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I tend to use 400 of those to talk about personal finance, feminism and other things I feel strongly about. I don't want people to see my blog pictures and think only about the clothes. I want them to know that I sell some online to buy new ones, I budget my shopping amount so there's room to save/invest/make repayments. Though the images may be aesthetically pleasing, I want my words and my financial journey to be truthful. It's time someone started speaking up about money and I believe I'm just the person for it. 

Me: Can you sum up your blog in 5 words? 

Bola: Finance. Feminism. Fashion. Empowerment. Money 

You can find Bola over on the various platforms listed below:

Instagram: Bola_Sol
Twitter: Bola_Sol


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