Tuesday, 22 March 2016


After the response and interest that I received from my post on Black Girl Magic, it dawned upon me that maybe I should include more meaningful topics on my blog discussing topics  from social matters as well as sharing some of my own personal life experiences. As such, from now onwards, I am going to occasionally sprinkle some social and personal posts alongside my usual fashion and beauty posts.

With that in mind I recently filmed a youtube video discussing the many ways in which you can make yourself happy. We are in a age and time where an increasing number of young people are suffering from mental health issues. The worrying part is that the majority of these people are silent sufferers and won't speak up with one of the main reasons being the  negative connotations and perceptions that we as a society have towards those suffering from a mental health issue.

Being that I have been through phases in my life where I dealt with unhappiness I thought I would take it upon myself to compile a number on ways in which anyone out there reading this post can help reach and retain their happiness. I am going to leave the list below but if you would be more interested in watching a video with me discussing these tips in more depth then you can do so by watching the video posted below.


1. LISTEN TO UPLIFTING MUSC - because I believe that when you're down in the dumps the worst thing you can do is listen to those slow down, depressing songs as they will not do much to lift your mood. However listening to something uplifting and dancing along to it will have you feeling energised and create a sense of euphoria that will have you feeling good about yourself. 

2. READ A BOOK - Sometimes getting lost in a book is the very thing you need to do in order to take your mind off your troubles and worries or whatever it is that is boggling you down. The exciting tales of a book can lead to happy space and you will find that you are not spending as much time dwelling on the issue at hand.

3. WATCH A FUNNY CLIP - It's good to have a laugh as much as you can and it is even more important to do so during difficult times. This is why I recommend watching funny clips because  it will trigger that humorous side in you and have you laughing away and laughing makes you happy.

4. COLLECT POSITIVE QUOTES & STATEMENTS - The mind is a powerful tool and as such feeding it with positive information will affect you as a person and how you perceive situations. Collecting positive quotes is something I do myself to help spur me own in my down moments and it helps to lift my spirits after I've gone through reading a number of them. 

5. FOCUS ON A HOBBY OR INTEREST - As this will take your attention away from whatever it is that is making you unhappy. In addition to that, the more you focus on your chosen hobby or interest, the likelier you are to become better at it and as such achieve positive results in that field which will lead you to happiness.

6. PRAY - If you are religious then I suggest that you pray to God and to also believe that he will deliver on his will in his own time. Do not doubt for his time is the best. Believe that you shall receive what you asked for and it will come to you in time. Do bare in mind that you have to work towards achieving your desires along side saying your prayers

7. VISUALISE POSITIVITY IN YOUR LIFE - If you're not religious then I recommend you try this, visual all the things you want in this life and believe that it will come to you whilst you work towards achieve it.

8. WRITE DOWN YOUR PROBLEMS - simply writing down all your troubles on a paper can be a therapeutic way of letting go off those problems weighing you down.

9. SPEAK TO SOMEONE - Always utilise those relationships you have, from family to close friends. Don't ever feel like you have solve all your issues on you own. Plus speaking to someone else may help change your own perspective and attitude to the issue at hand and help you realise that the issue at hand is not as big a deal or issue.

10. SPEND TIME OUTDOORS - Go for a walk, go jogging, sprint, participate in any activity that will require you spending time in the outdoors and soaking in that fresh air. Some times a bit of fresh air is all we need to start appreciate the goodness in life as opposed to spending a ton of time alone or in bed trying to sleep your troubles away.


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