Thursday, 10 March 2016


For this weeks' nail paint of the week, I am wearing Barry M's speedy quick dry polish in Freestyle. It is a lovely pink shade that is ideal colour to transition from the winter months into spring. It is a lovely change for me being that I have been sporting some pretty dark shades off late. Its a lovely shade to add a nice pop of colour to my outfits. After Barry M's pink lemonade, Freestyle has got be my favourite pink polish that I have across so far this year.

I do love the speedy quick dry polishes from Barry M as they really do dry up a lot faster than most polish which means I don't wait have to wait around for hours to ensure my polish is fully dry. It may also help that I have switched up my nail paint regime a little. Instead of apply three coats of nail polish like I used because I loved having a thick layer of nail paint on my nails. I now only apply two coats before finishing off with a top. 

I made this change because I felt as though because I do change my nail paint religiously every week, it would the removal process easier and quicker when I have two coats on as opposed to having on three coatings.


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