Monday, 13 June 2016


When all else fails, go monochrome. I feel as though it's a classic theme that works all year round and  is a go to safe choice when in doubt. Some may call it boring but I like to refer to it as a minimalist chic approach to dressing.

There's nothing more I love than a bit of a shoulder tease and after the off the shoulder trend, I am very much a huge fan of the halter neck. When summer comes by I jump at the opportunity to show off that a bit of shoulder cleavage as I like to call it and clavicle upon clavicle. There is something exposing that part of your body that gives off that creates a hint of a sensual look without giving much away at all and that is part of the reason why I am so in love with both the off the shoulder and halter neck styles.

I know I do say this a lot but this really does make for a great date night look. I must say any outfit that consists of a loosely fitted top will make for a great date night piece, simply because one can eat to their heart's desires without any concerns over a burgeoning food bump poking through.




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