Monday, 25 July 2016

Victoria Beckham X Nails Inc. Judo Red

After two weeks of wearing a much lighter shade in the form of Barry M's "do you pink i'm sexy" I thought it was time to head back to the bold bright shades. As such I decided to opt for an oldie that I have from Nails inc. It was from their collaboration with fashion designer Victoria Beckham for SS15. I picked up both shades from the collaboration last year  which were Bamboo White and Judo Red featured above. 

At the time when I bought them it was during the autumn/winter months; I preferred the Bamboo White shade to the Judo Red shade at the time. However now that it is summer, I thought I would drag it off my nail rack and make use of it. It has been a while since I last used a nails inc polish given that I've been so obsessed with Barry M nail paints off late so I was a little taken back by the thick nail paint solution that I loved so much and still do. 

To achieve the results I simply applied a base coat to prevent any stains to my actual nails. I then applied two coats of Judo Red although I feel given the thickness of the nail paint mixture, you could get away with applying just one. I then completed my nails with one application of a top coat and allowed my nails to dry. 

I prefer to paint my nails just before bed time so they can dry completely overnight but in doing so I restrict my movement during bedtime meaning I have to stay in one position long enough for my nails to dry without there being any smudges or imprint. I often lay on my back with my hands pressed on top of the duvet, its a little cray cray, I know but its what I've been doing for years now so I'm now a pro at it.

Unfortunately Judo Red was a limited edition polish and is no longer available however I have included the link to a similar nails inc polish below should you wish to rock a similar colour.



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