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I had the pleasure of being invited to have breakfast with Nude by Nature by Access All ASOS earlier this week . It was an opportunity for me to learn more about the newly launched contour and highlight collection by the Australian brand Nude By Nature.

I will have to admit that prior to the event, I hadn't heard a great deal about Nude By Nature. However by the end of the breakfast session, I left with a new found knowledge on the mineral based makeup brand. My new found knowledge included the impressive fact that a Nude by Nature foundation is sold approximately every 60 seconds in Australia. Now that to me is one impressive stat and it goes to show the popularity of the brand in its home country.

They recently partnered up with ASOS to stock their collection making them available worldwide and available to all countries that ASOS ships to which is pretty much every country in this world.

Okay, now lets talk more about the Nude by Nature contour and highlight collection. The collection features 1x contour powder palette, 1x highlight palette, 3x highlight sticks, 1x contour perfecting brush and 1x pointed precision brush which you can see more of below in this post.


The highlight sticks are glide-on-cream-to powder texture to create enhance your complexion and is quite easy to blend. They are available in there shades, a bronze glow, rose glow or a champagne glow. Having swatched them all (you can see pics below) my favourite would have to be the bronze shade and then the rose followed by the champagne shade. 

I really love how prominent the highlight stick appear on my skin. I don't need to rub the stick vigorously on my skin in order to see an even display and thats something I like. It glides on with ease and it really does blend seamlessly into my skin. I will most probably upload another blog post on these Nude By Nature highlight sticks so you can see what they look like on my face and not just on my arms.

Left to right: Champagne, Rose and Bronze


The Nude by Nature contour palette consists of three shades, the darkest to shape and define the contours on the face, the bronze to warm up the complexion and the highlight to enhance like the arch underneath the brows as I like to do. As good as the palette is, I do feel I could do with a darker shade for the contour powder so its more prominent on my skin. You can see quick swatches of the three powders below.

Top to bottom: contour, bronze and highlight


The Nude By Nature highlight palette consists of the same three colours as the glow highlight sticks above but in a powder form. I love the shimmer undertone that shines through with all the powders in the highlight palette giving a subtle glow when applied onto the face. You can peep swatches from the highlight palette below.

Top to Bottom: Bronze, Rose & Champagne.


First things first, I have to say that the Nude By Nature brushes are hands down one of the softest brushes that I have ever felt. I always thought that my sigma brushes were the softest things ever until I came across these and whats even more shocking was finding out that they were made from synthetic fibres. The ultimate perfecting brush is shaped in such a way that makes it easy to apply your contour on to your face.


The thing I love most about the Nude By Nature pointed precision brush is that it makes it easy to apply makeup to the corners of your face with precision i.e.  the corners of your eyes. Again like the ultimate perfecting brush, it feels incredibly soft on the skin and is effective at applying the makeup onto your face without retaining the bulk of your product in the brush.


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