Friday, 21 October 2016

Feeling the Blues

Just last week I was reading up on social media anxiety disorder over on and I felt like I resonated with so much of what was written on her blog. I read her post and felt like the old me identified with so much of what was said but the truth of the matter is that I haven't quite conquered this disorder. I still find myself battling with a serious case of social media anxiety from time to time and as recently as yesterday I found myself mentally crippled by this very disorder.

My triggers often stem from either watching other blogger's insta stories and wishing I was involved with their adventures or quite simply reading a tweet on my timeline and feeling like I'm not doing enough with my life. 

I often sit from the comfort of my home skimming through blogger's insta story back to back and then at the end of it all, I start to question and doubt myself. As though my attendance at a said fashion event would somehow propel my blogging status to the next level and automatically boost my blogging credtentials. I find that it can be so easy to get sucked into the whole hoopla and frenzy of the blogging world and I am guilty of sometimes allowing it to infiltrate into your lifestyle in a negative manner, something i'm not particularly proud of.

As I said, just yesterday I found myself struggling with a sudden case of social media anxiety disorder.  After flicking through a few insta stories, I suddenly found myself feeling very unsettled and in a sudden state of panic. All too often when this happens, I turn to my friends to calm me down and help me regain my sanity. Yesterday I turned to my friend Tomi who not only knows what to say but also goes the extra mile of providing me with literature to reinforce all she has said to me so I can then mull over it to iron out my fears and concerns.

However rather than direct me to an article to read as she does all too often, this time round she recommended that I have a go at listening to a podcast. The Myliek Teele podcast to be precise, called 'A Letter for Late Bloomers & Comparison' and I did just that. If you ever find yourself in a state of despair because you're comparing yourself to others or feeling inadequate in regards to your  personal achievements then I recommend you give it a listen too. I can sincerely say that this podcast truly helped to drag me out of the pits of comparison that I found myself in. 

Although, I am aware of the fact that what you see on social media is very much a carefully curated version of one's life I still cannot help but draw comparisons to mine at times. What Myleik's podcast did was that it reminded me of the very reason why I need to take social media by a pinch of salt and to not disregard my own achievements while I admire those of others. My friend Tomi does well to remind me that, although I may not see it or know it, there are others who wish to be in the very position I find myself in so I need to not disregard what I have accomplished whilst I look at those who have achieved even more than myself.

In the podcast 'A Letter for Late Bloomers & Comparison' by Myleik Teele, she shares the results of a recent study that revealed that people over estimate the presence of positivity in others while they misinterpret or fail to detect the negative feelings in others. She also touches on the notion of being able to find inspiration without comparing ones self, learning to compete less and appreciate more. I just wanted to draw your attention to this podcast as I found it to be incredibly resourceful in my moment of turmoil . I don't want to divulge all the details of what was covered in the podcast and would rather recommend that you give it a listen if you ever happen to find yourself in a similar situation to mine.

I wanted to intertwine the fashion with personal in this particular post. While I showcase my love for the colour blue, navy in particular, I also wanted to draw attention to the emotional blues that I sometimes finding myself battling with. The colour blue is often described in the most positive light, reflecting good energy and peace (Inner security and confidence according to colour psychology) and I am working on being a constant reflection of this colour that I love to wear so very much.

The colour navy has long been my go-to colour to wear during the cold months so as we continue with the months ahead expect some more blues from me, more so in the name of fashion than emotional despair.



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