Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nails Inc Battersea Park

I recently ordered an autumn/winter nail paint trio collection from Nails inc so it was only right that I wore one of the colours for my nail paint of the week post. The trio collection featured a dusky pink shade, an aubergine shade and a khaki green colour and judging from the pictures you can tell which one I opted to wear first. The khaki green shade goes by the name of Battersea Park, a park that bares fond memories for me. 

I must also add that the trio collection of full sized nail paint bottles was on sale for only £10! If you are a Nails inc fiend like myself  then you know how much of a big deal this really is. In past times, the collection has sold out before I could snag one up. I am beyond excited to have the autumn/winter trio collection and I will be sharing swatches of all three colour shades in the coming weeks. 


As most of you will know, Nails Inc. has long been one of my favourite nail polish brands. I have loved them from the very first time I used their nail paint. I find their polish to last at least a week's wear without chipping which is essential because it means not having to change the manicure so often or top up frequently. In addition to that, the fairly thick mixture means that I don't have to apply a ton of coatings to achieve my desired finish and lets not forget their 45 second Kensington caviar top coat which does a great of drying up my nails at a speedy rate whilst also leaving them with a glossy finish too.

As always, I applied one layer of the base coat, using Nails inc nailkale superfood base coat, two layers of Battersea Park before then finishing off with a final coat of Nails inc Kensington caviar topcoat.



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